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Hybrid Solar Power Stations & Energy Storage Solutions

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Hybrid Solar Power Stations & Energy Storage Solutions Our industry leading engineering and design capabilities in power generation, transmission and distribution, enable us to routinely provide clients with conventional and renewable energy solutions such as hybrid solar power stations and integrated Solar, Diesel, Hfo, Wind, and Energy Storage Solutions. As a local Johannesburg-based Global Mining, Energy and […]

Gas and Steam Turbine O&M services

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GAS & STEAM TURBINES – Specializing in Siemens & Fuji Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine Power Stations   USP&E AFRICA is a one-stop-shop for gas turbine, HFO engine, high-speed diesel, solar panel, and steam turbine maintenance in Africa. While we are known mostly as a diesel and HFO EPC and O&M firm, we have all the expertise […]

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa

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Definitive Feasibility Study Africa Every project follows a particular life cycle. Prior to the commencement of the project it is imperative that several classes of studies are done. A Definitive Feasibility Study gives an extremely exhaustive project analysis. It will ultimately determine if project development should proceed.   USP&E strategy for Definitive Feasibility Study Africa […]

A Fuel Additive For Diesel And HFO Power Stations That Will Save $160,000 Per Year / MW : Fuelade

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PURE AWESOMENESS. Fuel Additive Optimize Power Station Efficiency. Fuelade New USP&E Product How would you like to net at least $160,000 per 1MW at Prime Continuous per year, while improving the life of your engines, protecting the environment, and extending the operation of your plant? These numbers add up fast!! Fuelade is a revolutionary new product […]

Powered Up – USP&E CEO Memo 3.25.2013

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“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”  — Field  Ferdinand Foch I wanted to share with you three things that really fire me up this week: 1. I would like to formally announce that we have a new special purpose Joint Venture entity called for special projects in North America […]