Definitive Feasibility Study Africa

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Definitive Feasibility Study Africa

Every project follows a particular life cycle. Prior to the commencement of the project it is imperative that several classes of studies are done. A Definitive Feasibility Study gives an extremely exhaustive project analysis. It will ultimately determine if project development should proceed.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa


USP&E strategy for Definitive Feasibility Study Africa

Our approach to bringing a Definitive Feasibility Study to each project is very strategic. The following categories give value for money to our customers:

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: A summary of the project

First and foremost the project at hand is introduced. We also take a moment to clearly state the parties involved in the project. This step is very important as it fosters trust between these parties. Trust is critical for the success of the project.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Background to the project

This deals with the specific parameters to the project. Finer details, for example, how much power is required at the site, are provided. We also help the customer to spell out the legality of the project. All laws and regulations governing the project work are highlighted. Any permits that are required prior to the project are pointed out.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: The extent of work to be done

A customer needs to spotlessly know what the project work will cover. So many projects get stuck along the way because of ambiguities on the scope. Clear boundaries on the outcome expectations of the project save our customers from later disappointments.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Project location and settings

Some projects thrive better in one area than in another. Better still, particular problem solving methods are applicable in specific areas than in others. We give the customer a comprehensive study of the project location and its settings to help evaluate possible solutions justly.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Project designs

Accurate designs are very crucial to mapping the decision making process of the project. We employ various skills and tools to help clarify the project. Performance calculations are presented; drawings are made, simulations are done, etc.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Equipment and resources analysis

We evaluate the appropriate equipment and resources required for the project. We help the customer exhaust all considerations and finally make profitable trade-offs.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Costing

A customer needs to maximise their profits. Not only do we project set up costs but we also highlight the operations and maintenance costs. Our team of experts are shrewd in analysing market trends to accurately predict future financial gains or losses to a project.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Risk management

What are the risks applicable to the project? How can the risks be avoided, dealt with or at least minimised? USP&E Africa deals with all these questions for all Definitive Feasibility Study Africa.

Definitive Feasibility Study Africa: Project evaluation and recommendations

Based on the gathered facts, assumptions and designs we make recommendations to our customers on the most optimum solutions to problem solving. We do not hesitate to clearly justify our line of thought used to reaching any recommendations.


USP&E Africa has all-encompassing expertise throughout the stages of a projects life cycle. Our Definitive Feasibility Study Africa is value for money. Contact us:

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