A Fuel Additive For Diesel And HFO Power Stations That Will Save $160,000 Per Year / MW : Fuelade

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PURE AWESOMENESS. Fuel Additive Optimize Power Station Efficiency.

Fuelade New USP&E Product

Fuel Additive Optimize Power Station Efficiency

How would you like to net at least $160,000 per 1MW at Prime Continuous per year, while improving the life of your engines, protecting the environment, and extending the operation of your plant? These numbers add up fast!!

Fuelade is a revolutionary new product that enhances combustion in diesel engines and is completely green, non-hazardous, non-abrasive and non-toxic. Fuelade has significantly reduced emissions throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Central America. Being relatively new in this domain, we are making some significant in-roads into several market sectors, domestically and internationally.

Fuelade helps to:

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance costs and engine wear
  • Improve air quality by decreasing carbon in diesel fuel emissions

Fuelade has shown improved results with lesser-refined fuels with sulfur content in excess of 2,500 PPM. Emission reductions up to 48% have been achieved with 15PPM Fuelade concentrate.

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Fuel Savings
Emission Reductions

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