Hybrid Solar Power Stations & Energy Storage Solutions

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Hybrid Solar Power Stations & Energy Storage Solutions

Our industry leading engineering and design capabilities in power generation, transmission and distribution, enable us to routinely provide clients with conventional and renewable energy solutions such as hybrid solar power stations and integrated Solar, Diesel, Hfo, Wind, and Energy Storage Solutions.

Hybrid Solar Power Stations & Energy Storage Solutions

As a local Johannesburg-based Global Mining, Energy and Consulting company, we
understand the challenges many our customers face daily, whether political, social,
regulatory, economic, or environmental. We also appreciate the invaluable transformational
aspects of the opportunities our projects bring to impoverished regions, both to local
communities and to all shareholders.

Since 2002, we have been working with mining, heavy industrial, and IPP clients to design,
sell, install and operate power stations. We also have impeccable references  and have successfully executed projects in Mali, Angola, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Tanzania and South Africa, among others.

Having also served clients with mergers, acquisitions and advisory consulting services in the IPP, hybrid solar power stations and Mining space we have gained an abundance of knowledge and understanding.

We Understand

We believe a big strength has been my collaborative, ethical approach to expanding our
deal flow through both digital marketing, repeat and referral clients. We have always
thrived on being client and prospect-facing. We value the importance of leveraging
resources in remote areas for the benefit of all stakeholders. Additionally, we meet regularly
with various industry leaders to stay on top of recent regulations and incorporate cutting-
edge technological advancements in general plant maintenance. We have spent significant
time with OEMs in Africa, Korea, Europe and the USA and worked with all major OEMs for
spare parts, tooling, and major services support, as needed. Through the course of our
existence, our company has gained a unique first-hand knowledge of the commercial,
political, economic and environmental importance of this sector and much experience
across countries in the emerging world. This insight helps us to position each deal for long
term profitability.

In understanding new and improved methods of delivering power we are able to meet client needs through practical business solutions that offer high return on investment. We encourage the shift towards more sustainable forms of energy to act as a vehicle for positive environmental change on behalf of our clients.

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