Modular Power Substations

USP&E now offers modular power substations that deliver the power to your load. Through an innovative product developed by Mod-Power, getting the power from the generating station to the load is now quick and easy.

How Modular Power Substations Works

Individual modules consist of smart sections, which are set on a platform base that folds together.

The platform design distributes equipment loads, consolidates foundations, and includes an integrated cable way.

A high quality, factory-assembled process ensures a structural true fit. The U.S.-based factory is a certified ISO 9001 operation.

Modules are compact, easy to handle with low transport cost.

Smart sections enable rapid site erection using general site labor.

Step 1: Foundation

The foundation is installed using a helical pile design, a proven high quality, low-cost solution. The piles are quickly installed using Cyntech anchors.

Step 2: Modular platforms

Modular platforms are installed using integrated cable ways. The platforms distribute equipment loads and consolidate the foundations. The module substation ships in compact sections, which enables low-cost transport and rapid on-site assembly.

Step 3: Add substations

Add as many substations as you need.

Step 4: Connect

Substations are connected to the load to complete the assembly. Power is now ready.

Benefits of Mod-Power Design

  • Save design time. The Mod-Power substation is a standard solution. Design package is created in less than 30% of the traditional design hours required.
  • Save site labor. Mod-Power substation is installed and commissioned in less than 30% of the site labor hours traditionally required. Installation is days, not weeks.
  • Save site labor rate. Mod-Power substations may be substantially installed by a general labor force; minimal specialist labor is needed.
  • Save material. The Mod-Power substation is virtually a no wire, no concrete solution. This construction save miles of control wire (tons of copper) and thousands of concrete cubic yards traditionally required.
  • Secure, web-based remote monitoring and control capability: Mod-Power provides a continuous real-time camera (visible and IR) that provides encoded and spooled power flow data.
  • Mod-Power substations are easily re-located and re-assembled.

Technical Information

  • Voltage class 230kV, 138kV, 69kV, 34.5kV, 15kV, 100MVA
  • Standard designs conform and meet all applicable requirements of the latest NEMA, ANSI, IEE, IEC, NEC, and UL standards
  • Standard fabrication prints and set-ups
  • Seismic Design Category: A, B, C, D, E
  • Rated wind speed: 115 mph, 125 mph, 150 mph
  • Ice rated: 1.5 inch, 1 inch

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