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USP&E power plant teams have international experience in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Our power plant engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services are arranged with checks and balances that has resulted in our impressive record of successful EPC power station projects. Our project managers and engineering teams create a comprehensive work definition for the power project and present to our clients a viable, comprehensive budget and extensive schedule for the performance of the work.

Power Plant Engineering, Procurement, Construction
EPC Overview

Power Plant Engineering

USP&E's engineering services range from pre-construction tasks to feasibility studies, site surveys and analyses, full scope of electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering services, and data center services. Our customers receive continuous engineering or consulting work, recommendation, and evaluations of power generating hardware products to determine those that best meet their energy demands.

Project management is a crucial ingredient in the successfulness of any power project. At the heart of USP&E’s project management organization is a vigorous approach to managing cost, scheduling, and technical performance requirements in an effective and efficient manner. USP&E’s commitment to fundamental project management practices allows us to meet project cost and scheduling objectives and deliver expected energy producing results to our customers.

Power Plant Procurement

After your evaluation of your power demands, USP&E provides the best-suited generator equipment for the operation. Our procurement activities comprises hardware inspections, generator and engine testing, and expediting the selected equipment to your project's location. Our clients leverage our immense expertise to determine the perfect solution that fits their power generating expectations for their project. Our background in dealing with numerous vendors and manufacturers located around the world is passed on to our clients.

Power Plant Construction

Our construction services incorporates the development and design elements of your power project, provides management analysis overview, as well as the complete execution, commissioning, and implementation of your program. Using prudent project management methods, our construction team ensures that your generator equipment and other project materials are delivered punctually and within your project's budget.

USP&E performs the construction tasks at a power plant station in Africa

clearing land
Clearing land
placing generators
Placing generators
installing cooling systems
Building Cooling systems

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