Power Plant Equipment

Natural Gas


Units can be purchased either new or refurbished.

Main Trailer

This is a modular system that consists of a main trailer, air filter trailer, exhaust silencer trailer, and an auxiliary trailer. The main trailer contains a turbine engine, switchgear, and an air-cooled generator connected through an engine-generator coupling. The turbine engine is equipped to operate on natural gas or liquid fuel (dual fuel unit).

Auxiliary Equipment Trailers

Supplied with the trailer- mounted set are three support trailers that contain the air filtration and exhaust equipment, fuel systems, lubricating systems, fire protection equipment, water wash, water injection, and fogging systems. All interconnections between individual trailers are included. These trailers are configured as follows:

Air Inlet Filter Trailer

This unit contains the combustion and ventilation air filtration equipment, high-efficiency bag filters, ventilation fans and intake silencers. Inlet ducting will have expansion capability to allow for additional silencing.

Exhaust Silencer Trailer

Contains the combustion exhaust silencer equipment, including an expansion joint, transition, silencer elbow, and stack with standard emission measurement ports. Exhaust ducting will have expansion capability for additional silencing and have a flange designed for a deflector assembly (deflector not included in scope).

AC Generator

The trailer mounted set features a generator, which is a two bearing machine equipped with a brush-less rotating exciter and a permanent magnet generator (PMG) on the non-drive end.


The power turbine flange of the turbine engine is directly coupled to the generator rotor shaft with a disk-type, dry-diaphragm coupling. The coupling consists of a hollow center shaft, which connects to the turbine shaft hub and the generator rotor shaft hub by means of diaphragm packs made from thin metal disks that have been stacked and riveted to a guard plate. The entire assembly has been drilled around the outer diameter to accept the coupling hub bolts. The inner diameter of the diaphragm pack has been clamped to the coupling center section by backing rings.

The diaphragm packs flex slightly to absorb vibration and some of the stresses associated with a varying load. The coupling hubs and center section have been dynamically balanced at the factory to eliminate vibration and then match marked to ensure proper assembly.

Support System

The packaging of the trailer-mounted set includes a turbine generator control panel (TCP), digital generator protection relay system, 400-V motor control center (MCC), and 24-and 125-VDC battery systems, including battery racks and chargers. This equipment is contained in the control house, located on the auxiliary trailer.

Turbine-Generator Control System

The turbine-generator control and monitoring systems regulate the lubrication, fuel supply, ventilation and cooling, fire safety, and maintenance functions. Fuel supply is regulated by a computerized fuel control and sequencer system. The control system monitors all operating systems and initiates alarms and shutdowns when hazardous conditions occur. Manual emergency shutdowns can be initiated with emergency stop buttons located on the exterior of the main and auxiliary trailers, as well as at the TCP. The control system is expandable to accept additional inputs, alarms, etc.

Turbine Lube Oil System

The turbine is lubricated by a 150-gallon internal pump and lubrication system. We provide an external lube oil system to filter, cool, and de-aerate the lube oil discharged from the internal system. The external system is fed by a scavenge pump, which is driven by the turbine accessory gearbox whenever the turbine gas generator is rotating. Instruments and Controls Lube oil pressures and temperatures at critical points are displayed on externally mounted instruments that permit both local and remote observations. Gauges and pressure switches in the system have been installed with a needle valve in the instrument sensing line to permit replacement and calibration without disturbing the lube oil flow. The system piping has been provided with manually operated ball valves to isolate components for repairs and maintenance.

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engine wattage in natural gas

containerized engine wattage in natural gas

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