Sustainable Solutions

Renewable Energy

USP&E works in renewable and alternative energy solutions for a greener environment. Our highly qualified team of green power experts can assist with solar energy (photovoltaic and solar collectors), wind energy (large and small scale), biomass energy (gasification), and waste energy (gasification) solutions.

After we perform a thorough site visit and evaluation of your project goals and power requirements, our staff prepares a detailed report that provides comparative analysis between traditional power methods and green/solar solutions.

We can show you how to reduce your power plant and generator operating expenses and increase your asset value while conserving energy, water, and minimizing waste sent to landfills.

Prior to the start of the project, a detailed feasibility study and analysis are completed during the preliminary plant design stage to model the proposed green solution. This assists in choosing the ideal equipment for the entire system. Our power analysis brings beneficial environmental cost savings and outcomes while also saving money over the life of the project.

Environment-Friendly Solutions

In our endeavor to be more eco-friendly, our company employs the sound practices and methods of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) through the use of environmentally friendly equipment and materials for each of our power plant projects. USP&E also adheres to Green Advantage© construction practices by employing green construction concepts and materials.

USP&E implements environmentally safe and cost-effective bioremediation process products for the mitigation of hazardous wastes, spills, and contamination for power plants and the oil and gas industry. USP&E can help with decreasing cleanup costs and elimination of hazardous waste from industrial equipment.

USP&E also provides effective, totally organic emissions-reducer and fuel saving formula products for diesel generators, diesel power stations and the diesel transportation industry. These environment-friendly products enhance the combustion of fuel, reduces grimy soot formation, and lowers the emissions of unburned hydrocarbons in power equipment.

renewable engergy reports

Our team provides detailed reports, graphs, and charts to evaluate your green project.

USP&E is ready to get started on your power plant project. Are you? Please fill out our Power Plant Proposal informational form to get the process started.