Fuel Additive


USP&E provides a cost-effective and efficient means to get maximum power out of your power generating system. This complete fuel system package presents an economic solution that provides unparalleled generator engine performance.

Product Overview

Fuelade is an innovative new product that highly boosts combustion in diesel engines and generators, and is comprehensively green, non-hazardous, non-abrasive, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Fuelade has substantially reduced generator and engine emissions throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Central America.

Fuelade helps to:

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance costs and engine wear
  • Improve air quality by decreasing carbon in diesel fuel emissions
The product is highly concentrated. One liter of Fuelade is sufficient to treat 4,000 liters of diesel fuel.
fuelade bottles

Decreases Emissions

Fuelade has shown improved results with lesser refined fossil fuels and fuels with sulfur content in excess of 2,500 PPM. Emission reductions up to 48% have been attained with 15 PPM Fuelade concentrate.

Fuelade significantly lowers soot formation and consequently reduces soot contamination of the lube oil.

reduction in fuel emissions

Particulate matter before Fuelade.
Particulate matter after Fuelade.
(Yes, the generator is still running)

How It Works

Fuelade catalyst initiates combustion within the diesel spray envelope by lowering the activation energy for the initiation of combustion. Higher molecular weight diesel molecules bond to the surface of the catalyst and react more readily with oxygen.

large particle
Other formulas use large particles.
large particles in tank
Large catalyst particles result in unstable suspension leading to an eventual separation of catalyst particles from fuel.

small particles
The Fuelade formula creates small particles.
small particles in tanks
Fuelade molecules are completely soluble in hydrocarbon fuels, resulting in a stable fuel mixture.

Test Case Fuel Savings

Using a 2250kW Detroit Diesel generator as a test, adding Fuelade resulted in a 10.22% reduction in fuel consumption. reduction in average monthly fuel use

Other Case Studies

Further USP&E Testing

USP&E has also recently commissioned new testing using some of our equipment in Sierra Leone, Africa. Please download the entire test report to dig into the results.

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