Founded in 2002, USP&E is an EPC&M company and has performed Design, Engineering, EPC, and O&M work on various power plants consisting of Wartsila, MAN, HHI, Caterpillar, Cummins, Siemens GE, and Pratt & Whitney. Our USP&E EPC and O&M team brings a wealth of experience on a broad range of fuels and generation technologies, including combustion turbines, steam turbines, boilers, reciprocating engines, and geothermal assets. We design and upgrade existing power stations as an independent service provider delivering a full range of EPC and O&M services, USP&E enables any power plant to run more safely, reliably, and cost-effectively.


Key competitive advantages of USP&E:

1.    OEM Relationships: USP&E has direct relationships with all major OEMs and direct relationships with all auxiliary and balance of plant manufacturers, saving our clients millions in annual consumable and spare parts costs.


2.    Integrated Technology: USP&E offers both OEM and third-party optional plant electrical and automation, plant operations systems, maintenance systems, HMI Screen Design, and Control Logic Development.


3.    OEM and Alternative Spare Parts: USP&E offers discounted OEM and third-party spare parts and offers cost plus pricing.


4.    Fuel Efficiency Optimization: USP&E offers optional fuel efficiency optimization techniques and equipment that can save millions in annual fuel costs.


5.    Plant Upgrades: USP&E offers plant improvement and expansion strategies and equipment to maximize power output at minimal cost.


6.    Local Support in Emerging Markets: USP&E regional offices globally. We are ready to move forward immediately with more aggressive training and compensation packages for local staff in an effort to hire and train the best staff possible. 


7.    Energy Management system (EMS) – We are familiar many EMS platforms and can assist with an upgrade to the new Software and Hardware once the project is awarded. This software is not the best on the market and there are other options we can look at together instead.


8.    Heat Recovery & Combined Cycle – USP&E can modify and improve existing efficiency ratings and increase power generation through the use of ORCs and similar equipment upgrades.


9.    Remote Monitoring – USP&E offers proprietary AI-driven engine monitoring and management systems.


10.  Fuel Quality Testing & Conditioning Upgrades - USP&E can help ensure heavy fuel quality is maintained in real-time through our on-site testing and conditioning alternatives.


11.  Key personnel quality and expertise – We have a very competent team who will support this initiative, and plan to include the following key people in our approach: (CV’s will be included in our Proposal)


a.    Stephen Shipley (UK born now from SA) – Senior Technical manager and VP Engineering, with 42 years of experience in managing Energy Plants in remote and cultural challenging locations.

b.    Kalyana Sundaram - MD of O&M Services

c. David Blythe – VP of O&M Technologies


USP&E greatly appreciates this opportunity to offer our services to operate and maintain your power generation facility. We are certain to will meet all the required site’s conditions and are confident we can offer a highly competitive solution.


Please do not hesitate to contact USP&E should you have any questions regarding our services at