Global Service and Maintenance

Experience You Can Trust

Long ago, if you needed something fast, you could only buy from someone down the street - someone local, regardless of adequate supply or service. Those days are over. If you choose the right vendor, today's technological advances allow for high quality and extreme speed combined with significant cost savings, regardless of location.

For over 40 years, USP&E has been a global leader in new and used power generation systems and equipment. We are known for our creative, efficient, and proactive approach to accommodating clients' power generation requirements. Doing business in over 140 countries, we travel around the world to meet face-to-face with buyers, sellers and facility managers on multiple continents with different languages, cultures and customs. We've grown our facilities in strategic locations in the Unites States since 1968. Our sophisticated tools, streamlined processes, and large buying capacity mean reduced downtime and costs for our clients. We have many years experience supporting clients beyond initial equipment sales, from setup and commissioning to ongoing expert power plant supervision.


We provide consistent products, services and support wherever your facilities are located. When it comes to customer satisfaction, our 100% commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence is what drives customers back to us again and again. USP&E is dedicated to growing our operations by positive word-of-mouth. The bottom line is that, no matter the hour, no matter the deadline, we always put our client's needs ahead of our own.


We have state-of-the-art paved and enclosed warehousing, complete with docks, cranes, forklifts, and extensive inventory. Our professional staff is trained in customer service protocol geared toward both domestic and international clients. USP&E is designed and managed to exceed your expectations when it comes to repairs, maintenance, used generator inventory, expedited parts shipping, refueling and full turnkey installations. We offer same-day order processing from small parts to large equipment.


Let our expertise save you as much as 20% per year in fuel oil, spare parts costs and asset life efficiencies. We KNOW the equipment we sell. Our Onsite Diesel Service and Maintenance Teams provide operational precision and detailed reporting. With many years in the field, our teams of professionally trained prime power service technicians have the experience, dedication and management skills required to maximize fuel efficiencies and asset life, while minimizing equipment failures. Whether working in South America or North West Africa, USP&E has the capability and resources to handle all your power plant maintenance and service needs so that you can focus on running your business.

Clients Around the Globe

USP&E has successfully completed turnkey installation, start up, maintenance and emergency repair projects in North America, Africa and around the World. Our Clients Include:

  • UPS
  • Continental Airlines
  • Red Cross
  • Cricket Communications
  • FEMA
  • BEC Engineering
  • State of Texas
  • Switch & Data Computer Rooms
  • Carlson Wagonlit Companies
  • AT&T
  • Mary Kay
  • Resolute Limited
  • USA Border Patrol
  • Mustang Cat
  • Petro Hawe
  • Magna Electric

USP&E - Customer Service and Maintenance Agreements (CSMA)

Every piece of Caterpillar, Cummins, Rolls Royce and Wartsila equipment we sell at USP&E is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. However, it is USP&E that can help you simultaneously achieve the operational efficiencies and maintain that built-in value through a Customer Service & Maintenance Agreement (CSMA).

A Customer Service & Maintenance Agreement is an arrangement between you and USP&E that helps you lower your cost per unit of production. Agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated On-site Service and Maintenance Programs. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that USP&E will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed.

When you have a CSMA in place with USP&E, you have more time to do what you do best - run your business. Our professionally trained technicians assist you by maintaining your equipment and driving down operating costs. In the end, everyone's goal is the same: helping you get more work done at a lower cost.

Perhaps the most important feature of any CSMA is flexibility. There are no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy. A CSMA is customized to your needs. Your agreement may include as few or as many pieces of equipment as you wish. You can cover individual systems, single pieces of equipment, or entire fleets. Your USP&E representative will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize costs for your Caterpillar, Cummins, Rolls Royce and Wartsila power generation equipment.

Customer Service and Maintenance Agreements are not just for large pieces of equipment and they are not just for new equipment either. The need to get more work done at a lower cost is the same, regardless of age or application.

A Partnership That Gets More Done.

In the end, a CSMA is a partnership between you and USP&E that will help you succeed by leveraging our equipment management expertise. With a CSMA, you get more than just a piece of our Power Generation Equipment, you get the support of our entire company.

CSMA's are an excellent tool for maximizing the asset life of your power generation equipment. Agreements can also be written after the sale to help you control costs and improve availability. You get access to trained experts who know more about your Caterpillar, Cummins, Rolls Royce and Wartsila equipment than anyone else. USP&E can provide service in a more timely, efficient and cost-effective manner than anyone else. You will have direct contact numbers to USP&E technicians whom you have met in person and know by name. Ultimately, you save money, improve availability and have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

  • Effective Equipment Management: the key to optimizing efficiencies and minimizing costs.

  • Component repairs and/or overhauls can be accurately anticipated - enabling scheduled downtime to be performed with minimal interuptions to your production.

  • A CSMA can maximize service life and minimize costs by repairing before failure occurs.

  • Through a CSMA, your Lead Service and Maintenance Technician can help improve maintenance record keeping.

  • Enhanced maintenance and performance reporting means higher resale value.

All of these factors impact your bottom line. A CSMA can reduce these and other costs by placing a variety of service duties into the expert hands of your USP&E technicians. It sounds simple, but the fact is, you may wear a number of hats in your business - from operator to equipment manager and service technician. A CSMA can cover any or all of your equipment management needs, maximizing the value of your precious power generation assets.

What to Expect From Your Onsite Power Team

Your technicians at USP&E do not sit in corner offices in the air conditioning while others do all the work. Our diesel technicians and engineers are very proud to roll up their sleeves and lead by example when it comes to absolutely any task, no matter how big or how small. Furthermore, exclusively specializing in Power Generation, all our efforts are focused to ensure maximum asset life while minimizing asset expenses. Our highly competent team of dynamic service managers are also efficient and proactive technicians ranked in the top 5th percentile of their industry. Our teams are professionally educated and formally mentored in the latest generator technologies and state-of-the-art tools. With access to USP&E's world class parts inventory system and a huge supply of spare parts specifically ordered and stocked for your equipment, NO ONE knows or is better prepared, to care for your diesel generators like USP&E. At USP&E, Power is our business.

While we are best known for our unbeatable prices on new and low-hour power generation equipment, service after the sale of your equipment is where USP&E offers our clients the most value. After all, you may spend millions of dollars for your equipment initially, but this is often only a fraction of your total power generation equipment expenses over time. USP&E specializes in helping our clients manage the service and maintenance of their equipment, whether planning for scheduled generator maintenance or minimizing downtime due to repair interventions. Our teams on the ground are at your disposal to advise you in your asset management decisions.

USP&E Global Power Institute - Expertise You Can Trust

USP&E invests thousands of dollars every year in advanced electrical, mechanical, switchgear, energy efficiency and power plant management training for our staff. Here are just a few of the courses that we require both our Local and Non-local Team Members to master:

Power Generation

O&M Training

This training program is directed towards all of our personnel who are involved in plant maintenance including operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, craftsmen and management. Our Objective is to instruct techniques used in the most modern power plants to measure on an ongoing basis, the rate of deterioration of equipment, analysis and interpretation of such information, and the resultant implementation of predictive maintenance.

Condition Monitoring

  • Combined Cycle Technologies
  • Diesel Power Plant Operation
  • Distribution System Training
  • Environmental Protection Control
  • Electric Utility Management
  • Electrical Relay Test & Maintenance
  • Electrical Troubleshooting Skills
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Gas Turbine Power Generation
  • Heat Rate Optimization
  • Hydro-Electric Power Plant Operations
  • Steam Power and Co-Generation
  • System Protection Technology
  • Power Plant Control Room Operator Training

Power Plant Condition Monitoring

This program is aimed at all personnel who are involved in power plant maintenance including operators, maintenance technicians, craftsmen and management. Our Objective is to present techniques used in modern power plants to measure on an ongoing basis, the rate of deterioration of equipment, analysis and interpretation of such information, and the resultant implementation of predictive maintenance.

Diesel Power Plant Operation

This program is designed to aid in upgrading knowledge and understanding of diesel power generation. It covers the practical aspects of operation and maintenance of installations including local, remote control and monitoring. The program is presented at the technician level.

Distribution System Training

After a brief review of electrical fundamentals, this program moves on to cover various aspects of distribution system technology. Topics include distribution networks and equipment, system protection, control and automation, equipment testing and maintenance, and the distribution system operator's role. It is presented on the technician level and knowledge of basic electrical theory is assumed.

Environmental Protection Control

This program is designed to aid in upgrading knowledge and understanding of environmental concerns as they relate to thermal power generating plants. It covers most of the common equipment and processes in use today to ensure that the power generation plant is in compliance with environmental legislation.

Electrical Troubleshooting Skills

This series of award winning interactive CD ROM training programs are ideal for learning proven troubleshooting techniques and applying them in a very realistic simulated environment.

Electrical Fundamentals

This series will provide you with an overall understanding of Electrical Fundamentals including Ohms Law, AC Circuits, Transformers and Three Phase Systems.

Gas Turbine Power Generation

This program will train personnel on the operation and maintenance of gas turbines and associated equipment including combined cycle operation.

Heat Rate Optimization

This program is designed to aid in upgrading knowledge and understanding of the integrated fossil fuel power plant, and improve the operator's ability to optimize thermal efficiency and equipment reliability, thereby improving the plant's economic performance. This program is available in both Imperial and Metric forms.

System Protection Technology

This program will train personnel on the principles of protection systems, including different schemes used in the protection of: generators, buses, transmission & distribution lines, transformers, motors, etc.

Power Plant Control Room Operator Training

Provides Plant Control Room Operators with the knowledge and skills required to operate a power plant Distributed Control System (DCS) and associated plant systems. Each module in the course describes the plant system, associated system controls and typical procedures used during, startup, normal and shutdown operations.

USP&E's dedication and commitment to ongoing education is what keeps our staff at the forefront of technology. In fact, leveraging the internet and our online educational resources has greatly contributed to putting USP&E technicians at the highest echelon of expertise. While all of our staff are Factory-Trained (many over several decades), utilizing 21st Century technology has given our staff the ability to truly and comprehensively address our clients' needs. There is no problem we cannot fix. There is no facility we cannot improve. Just try us. Our men love the challenge. It's what we live for.

USP&E & State-of-the-art Control Systems and Software

Leading-edge technology is nothing new to USP&E's Onsite Power Plant Service Team. The international generator service team of USP&E is well aquainted in the operation of virtually every OEM generator, genset, turbine and switchgear control software on the marketplace. Whether working on Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Wartsila, John Deere, MAN or any other power plant package, USP&E power plant superintendents and expert senior technicians have been trained to employ the most advanced power station control software on the market in order to examine a myriad of parameters that relate to engine operation. Our highly qualified service technicians monitor and adjust these generator engine parameters on an hourly basis in order to achieve peak performance and execute our client's operational energy efficiency objectives.

Our control system software programs can also perform the following functions:

Diagnostic tests

Sensor calibration

Flash downloading

Set programmable parameters

Control and adjust spinning reserve

These computer-based control systems also allow our service technicians to look inside the engine while it is operating and change parameters, or even flash an updated program to the personality module within the ECU. This eliminates the need for removing the ECU or breaking its seal, which could introduce moisture or particles to the unit and shorten its usable life. USP&E's International Service Team utilizes a myriad of switchgear and engine control software programs to maintain the highest possible engine efficiency and to track all pertinent engine parameters, which directly relate to the mechanical efficiency of the engine and the time between failure (TBF) of its parts. These software based systems are often the basis for many of our reporting features and, in the hands of our experts, a very useful and instructive diagnostic tool.

USP&E and Fuel Efficiency - Allow Us to Save You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Year

USP&E is a proven pundit in the field of fuel efficiency optimization. Utilizing a large source of proprietary, recognized technologies and strategies, USP&E works with each client to formulate a USP&E Optimal Fuel Efficiency Strategy (UOFES) that is thoroughly researched and designed to both maximize asset life and minimize generator fuel costs over the life of the equipment.

An industry leader in generator fuel efficiency, USP&E has designed and maintained UOFES's that are saving literally millions of dollars per year in fuel costs. Given the enormous increases in fuel costs over time, leveraging our expertise can almost completely offset the cost much of your power plant maintenance - in the savings alone.

The USP&E CSMA: Decrease Downtime, Increase Reliability and Help Reduce Unplanned Repair Costs

Unexpected downtime. The two words wreak havoc on the most attentively managed power projects, creating a whirlwind of subsequent problems. Successful businesses take advantage of preventive maintenance (PM) and service programs to not only regulate downtime, but also to enhance reliability while actually decreasing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

"Downtime" is a simple equation with very serious cost repercussions. Your bottom line takes a hit from the instant your power generating equipment stops producing until the moment production resumes again. And, if you don't take preventive steps to control downtime, it's only a matter of time before downtime controls you.

Continual Improvement to the General Planned Maintenance Program - Our Hallmark

Preventative Diagnostics: Oil Consumption as an Overhaul Indicator

Oil consumption, fuel consumption and maintenance information can be used to estimate the total operating cost for your generator's engine. Oil consumption can also be used to estimate the required capacity of a makeup oil tank that is suitable for the maintenance intervals.

Oil consumption is in proportion to the percentage of the rated engine load. As the percentage of the engine load is increased, the amount of oil that is consumed per hour also increases. The oil consumption rate (brake specific oil consumption) is measured in grams per kW/h (lb per bhp). Consult your USP&E technician for assistance in determining the typical oil consumption rate for your engine.

When a generator engine's oil consumption has risen to three times the original oil consumption rate due to normal wear, an engine overhaul should be scheduled. There may be a corresponding increase in vibration and a slight increase in fuel consumption.

USP&E performs daily preventative diagnostic testing to ensure your assets are being maintained at the highest possible standards.

Preventative Diagnostics: Severe Operation

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your power plant's maintenance to USP&E is our unceasing effort to maximize the life of your assets. One of the central ways your asset life is diminished is through unforeseen or undetected Severe Operation exposure. Severe operation is the use of an engine that exceeds current published standards for that engine. Severe operation can accelerate component wear. Engines that are operating under severe conditions may need more frequent maintenance intervals for the following reasons:

  • Maximum reliability
  • Retention of full service life

USP&E performs a thorough diagnostic evaluation to ensure that the proper maintenance strategies required for your specific engines are initiated. Some of the factors that contribute to severe operation are environment and improper maintenance practices. USP&E makes every effort to maximize asset life through avoiding all possible severe operation factors.

Preventative Diagnostics: Factors That Decrease Asset Life 

Extreme Ambient Temperatures

Extended operation in environments that are extremely cold or hot can damage components. Valve components can be damaged by carbon buildup if the engine is frequently started and stopped in very cold temperatures. Extremely hot inlet air reduces the performance capabilities of the engine.

Dust, Dirt and Airborne Chemicals

Unless equipment is cleaned regularly, extended operation in a dirty environment can damage your equipment. Built up mud, dirt and dust can encase components, making maintenance difficult. This buildup can contain corrosive chemicals and salt. Corrosive chemicals and salt can damage some components. USP&E believes strongly in maintaining the cleanest possible power plants in the industry.

Improper Maintenance Practices

  • Extension of maintenance intervals
  • Not using recommended fuel, lubricants and coolant/antifreeze

As a driving force behind your daily power plant maintenance regimen, USP&E will work to minimize these Severe Operation factors, maximizing fuel efficiency and optimizing asset life.

USP&E Performance Reporting

Performance Reports

Utilizing time-tested processes and reporting software that is the most advanced in the field of power plant management, your USP&E site technicians are trained to provide daily fuel efficiency results, project management spreadsheets, installation punch lists, power station reports, urgent spare parts required reports, power plant inventory reports and weekly work accomplished reports. Whereas many companies provide one or two of these reports but only upon request, USP&E believes in proactive, regular and thorough communication with Site Management. Info related to generators, switchgear, fuel consumption, spares management, staff training, and scheduled maintenance calendars is available to our clients in real time via an online, web-based, password-protected access portal. Our clients can log in via any computer in the world and with their USP&E user name and password can view and download their reports in real time. These reports include:

  • Power Station Summary Report-at-a-Glance table gives a brief overview of USP&E Men on Site, Daily Work Achieved, Injuries Sustained, Days Without Incident, Parts Needed Urgently, Weekly and Annualized Fuel Consumption / kwh, Savings Achieved and Ongoing Construction, Installation, Upgrade and Overhaul Projects we are actively managing.

  • USP&E's Weekly, Monthly and Annualized Fuel Savings Graphs demonstrate visually the actual and projected fuel savings in USD over various time ranges.

  • Our Project Management Punch Task Lists include those projects that we are currently working on in addition to our Power Plant Management Duties. Often times these projects include Design Upgrades, Ongoing Construction, River Pump / Generator Installations and Repairs, Special Plant Maintenance Projects, Switchgear Repair, Modifications and Engine Overhauls.

  • The Weekly Power Plant Work Report allows USP&E Power Plant Staff to effectively and proactively communicate with Site Management our specific power plant accomplishments and weekly objectives.

  • Our Urgent Spares Required Report lists parts that need to be ordered. This spreadsheet tracks Client Part Number, Bin Number, and USP&E Part Number, Unit Costs, Estimated Freight Charge, Estimated Delivery, Engine Spec Number and Position Number.

USP&E's Parts Ordering, Online Inventory Management Reporting & Cost Savings Capabilities

Whether you are managing a few machines or an entire fleet, you need quick access to the right parts. USP&E's Online Parts Store System gives you the freedom to manage the spares you have, order additional spares quickly and track existing orders efficiently - saving thousands of dollars per year. Through our interactive parts inventory management website that is customized to show you real-time inventory levels of spare parts at your facility, USP&E can facilitate and streamline:

  • Ordering
  • Shipping Logistics & Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Inventory Audits and Reporting

Each of USP&E's Onsite Power Plant Teams take full responsibility to inventory, order, stock and refresh all parts at your facility. In order to do this, each of our Lead Generator Technicians, in conjunction with USP&E's Global Supply Chain Management Department, work to offer each client world class service related to:

  • USP&E Service Information System (USIS) - Caterpillar, Cummins, Rolls Royce and Wartsila parts books containing over 1.5 million serial number-specific parts - online at your fingertips.

  • Fast-Tracked Global Supply Chain Management - Saving our clients millions per year, USP&E offers exclusive Fast Track Shipping and Logistics Services through hubs in Brussels, Houston and Perth to clients for consumable and spare parts.

  • Interactive Website - USP&E's clients view actual real-time spares inventory levels and recommended spares required lists with prices, shipping information, and an integrated procurement connection that allows our clients to achieve millions in transaction costs reductions, depending on current practices.

  • Efficiency - Real-time inventory reports maintained online allow your USP&E technicians to communicate with corporate, each other, our clients and our shipping logistics teams in order to provide precision reporting and proactive spares inventory management - reducing costly air freight requirements.

  • Instant Information - Real-time price and availability helps us make informed purchasing decisions even after business hours - online and with highly customized inventory controls.

  • Options - Alternate parts options such as remanufactured, dealer exchange and used are automatically displayed and available for purchase via your online USP&E Parts Store.

  • Tracking - Online order history, invoice review and remanufactured core status help you keep accurate records. Email order acknowledgements confirm your order and help you stay informed.

  • Cost Savings - All of these benefits can result in significant transaction cost savings.

Construction Services

Mission Critical Facilities such as Power Plants and Data Centers are vital for large and small businesses and USP&E prides itself on our innate ability to recognize our client's requirements and the budget required to complete this intricate portion of their overall facility requirement. Our team of Construction Professionals has completed in excess of 6 million square feet of Power Plants and Mission Critical Facilities in various Tier Level configurations.

USP&E's Construction Professionals are not just Mission Critical Facility specialists; they can provide any facet required by our clients for construction or renovation projects. They are experienced in facility commissioning, facility evaluation, and all aspects of the construction process. USP&E offers project/program management, general contracting, construction management, and consulting services. There is no job too small or too large for our experienced and friendly team.


We at USP&E are committed to integrity and ethical conduct. We promote an environment that nurtures, promotes, and supports the principles of empowerment and responsibility. Paramount to our commitment is continued validation and support of the highest ethical standards of fairness and confidentiality. We respect differences and embrace diversity. We are committed to equitable treatment and mutual respect for all of our employees and clients.


USP&E is dedicated to providing quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed the needs and requirements of our clients. It is the responsibility of USP&E and each of its employees to maintain consistent professional communications and relationships with our clients and to maintain our commitment to the highest standards of service, business practice, and safety.


Our emphasis on safety shows not only our commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but demonstrates our commitment to completing your project in a timely and efficient manner. USP&E pride ourselves in taking OSHA standards to the next level and require the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, customers and anyone who enters our area of operation.

We are dedicated to elevating the standard for safety in the construction industry. All subcontractors and vendors of USP&E are required to adhere to our innovative safety program as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations. Our program provides employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to increase safety, reduce risk, and improve loss control on every project.

General Liability Insurance

USP&E carries the minimum liability insurance.

Diesel Generator & Power Plant Sales

Why Buy a New or Used Diesel Generator from USP&E?

  • Pricing - We have the best pricing in the US on Diesel Generators and Natural Gas Generators, Gas Turbines, OEM Parts, and Switchgear. We also supply, service and install Portable HFO Generators, HFO Powerplants, Coal Power Stations, Natural Gas and Dual Fuel Power Stations and Renewable Solutions in Emerging Markets.

  • Expertise - With over 45 years experience selling and renting used diesel generators and over two decades experience installing them, we leverage our vast expertise to find the solution that perfectly fits our client's goals and expectations.

  • Turnkey - With successful emerging market power plant construction projects, O&M assignments, and equipment sales under our belts, we love what we do and have built our business on referrals and repeat customers. It is our constant aim to be HONEST and SERVICE-ORIENTED about each project with the explicit intention of winning clients "for life"!

  • Inventory - USP&E has a HUGE selection of diesel generators, natural gas generators, used Cat generators, used Cummins generators, used Wartsila Generators, and accessories and can ship them to you TODAY. Call us and allow us to serve you by discussing your application in detail and then preparing a quote for your review. Thank you for your interest in our diesel generator inventory and check out our online capabilities at our website for our latest deals and specials.


Cutting-edge technology is nothing new to the Onsite Power Plant Service Team of USP&E. Ranked #1 on Google, USP&E's International Service Team is well versed in the use of virtually every OEM generator and switchgear control software on the marketplace. Whether working on Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Wartsila, Rolls Royce or other power plant package, USP&E power plant superintendents and senior technicians have been trained to utilize the most advanced control software on the market in order to view myriad parameters that relate to engine operation. Our master service technicians monitor and adjust these engine parameters on an hour by hour basis in order to ensure peak performance and achieve our client's operational efficiency objectives.


USP&E's Dallas, TX-based offices, assisted by in-house product technical and operations specialists, have the experience gained from supplying, repairing, installing and maintaining on-site energy systems around the world. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of products for standby, prime and continuous operation using prime movers, diesel generators and switch gear from leading suppliers. In short, we provide the most reliable and trusted products, services and support wherever your facilities are located.


In addition to selling customized energy solutions, USP&E has been renting generator packages as well. Our new fleet of Cummins KTA50G3 packages offer the flexibility of a staff-maintained hire fleet of USP&E designed, ISO containerized, sound attenuated units for use in virtually any application in the world. Our hire packages can be direct coupled to utility/mains and come fully featured with synchronizing/paralleling switchgear on board, HV and LV transformers, distribution cables and even a container stocked with the consumable spares you'll require, no matter how remote the region of operation. USP&E's KTA50-powered fleet has low hours and are great for short term relief during rebuilds and service or during premature engine failure emergencies. Alternatively, our Hire Packages are often utilized for 2 and 4 year applications as they offer an affordable options with minimal up-front costs, outstanding fuel efficiency and overall performance, and modest monthly installment payments to cover mobilization and usage fees.