Head Department Leaders

  • Darryn Clark

    Head of Estimation and Proposals

    With over a decade in managing estimating for companies like Group Five and others, Darryn brings a strong multi-disciplined power station estimating and design background to USP&E Global. Having estimated over $10 billion in projects, Darryn enjoys working on biomass, renewable and hybrid thermal projects in Africa and the Middle East. Darryn is exceptionally talented and a key part of the what helps USP&E deliver “Excellence Faster.”

  • Mark Van Loggerenberg

    Head of SHEQ EMEA

    As Head of SHEQ EMEA, Mark has over a decade of SHEQ experience. He is a highly qualified environmental and safety manager with proven experience in the energy, engineering, and electronics industry. Mark supervises and coordinates ISO systems to ensure that the organization meets the highest quality standards and that the working conditions are favorable and safe. USP&E Global is proud to have Mark on our team to continue to encourage the practice of high safety standards for all our global energy projects.

  • John Bryant

    Head of O&M

    John leads our O&M and project execution teams. With over 40 years of experience leading the O&M divisions of some of the largest and most well-regarded construction firms in the world. An expert on civil engineering, power station design, and project management, John is a team player that is truly client-centered. John is a tremendous asset to USP&E’s Global operations and maintenance management group.  

  • Michael Schreuder

    Head of Services

    Taking on the role of Head of Services for USP&E Global, Michael brings 15+ years of experience in the execution of complex SLAs, planned service projects, breakdowns, and management of service teams. His success as a Field Service Manager has been built upon excellent client relationships, immaculate design and process knowledge, and tenacity in finding and preventing faults at every level of the power plant.

  • Shamsher Singh

    Head of Future & Renewable Solutions

    Shamsher has over 18 years of experience in the Energy Sector and has successfully managed complex EPC business (Products, Systems, Solutions and Services) with Global Firms and provides an edge to USP&E Global aspirations of delivering reliable and future technology solutions (P2X, Hybrid, Hydrogen, Wind, Solar, Battery Storage etc.). He is a Six Sigma certified holder and holds a Certificate in Global Financing Solutions, a Master’s Degree in Management (MPM), a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering (B.Tech) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGDBA) in Project and Operations Management. He has an in depth understanding of the Energy sector needs, challenges and adds immense value to USP&E Global team.

  • Liezel Lotz

    Head Accountant

    Liezel’s career started in London working in the investment banking industry before relocating back to South Africa. With over 20+ years’ experience in various financial roles covering legal entity control, business performance management, strategic project accounting and statutory & tax compliance. Liezel’s passion for telling stories through numbers and agility, led her to USP&E to constantly adapt and find ways to do things better, while continuing to move forward in our fast-paced environment.

  • Mario Olivier

    Head of Global Operations

    Mario leads our procurement division with speed and excellence. He brings 26 years of experience in the fields of Supply Chain, Procurement management and Logistics to the team. An agile senior manager with vast experience in the engineering and mining sectors, Mario ensures that the right equipment reaches the right person effectively. As head of Procurement and Contracts, Mario has an in-depth understanding of engineering, international business, procurement and logistics to ensure that every aspect of an industrial project is effectively managed.

  • Johan Longland

    Manager of Global IT

    With experience in information technology, software design, information security, and digital project management, Johan ensures that each member of USPE is equipped with and utilizing technology in an optimal manner.

  • Herman Schoeman

    Head of Global Projects

    Herman is head of USP&E's Global Project Development team. With over 20 years experience in commercial and industrial facility development. Herman provides C- Level leadership in all aspects of USP&E’s operations and works closely with clients to ensure that all expectations are met. Herman’s main role is to lead our sales and project development teams through his personal touch on the technological and human capital at USP&E Global.

  • Alexia de Freitas

    Innovation Team Manager

    Alexia leads USP&E Global's innovation team and the BEx Internship Program. She is an adaptable problem-solver with global marketing and managerial experience. Alexia is a hands-on leader that passionately and effectively drives the team to achieve business objectives in a timely manner. As a team manager, Alexia embodies the mission and vision of USP&E Global.

  • Lex Gruver

    Head of HR

    Lex Gruver is a graduate in international business studies Summa cum laude graduate of Liberty University (USA), and has studied engineering at Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford, as well as law through the University of Cape Town. Having grown up on USP&E project sites, Lex from an early age knew he wanted to do something with the company. Lex has been focused on Human Resources, to ensure overall success at USP&E.

  • Sarah-Rose Barnard

    PA to the MD of EMEA

    Sarah is a dynamic individual with over 10 years’ experience as a travel agent. Having worked abroad in the United States gaining extensive knowledge in the field. She excels in her role with a strong commitment to speed of excellence in everything she does.