USP&E Investments

USP&E Investments is a leading Turnkey Solutions Firm Based in South Africa.


Each project is based on a personal relationship with our clients, providing quality products and services within the construction and mining industry. We strive to provide turnkey solutions that are friendly, professional and of the highest quality. Our promise is SPEED WITH EXCELLENCE and EXTREME OWNERSHIP.

In this way we HARNESS ENERGY FOR LIFE. What we mean by this is that our team is made up of people who strive to be the best in the industry and receive regular training and development opportunities to develop their skills and experience. Furthermore, we are passionate about what we do, how we do it, and the value we delivery every day. No project is too small. No project too large. Please CALL OR EMAIL us today for more details!


USP&E Investments is a mass manufacturing & investment firm that prides itself with quality products and services within the construction and mining industry. Our turnkey solutions incorporate locally manufactured wood, steel & spraying production. We strive for speed with excellence in all aspects of our operations and are committed to making your dreams a reality.

Our strengths lie in the benefaction of undeveloped land and property development itself. With project management and coordination at the core of our capabilities, we have built up an established reputation for innovative design solutions, combined with excellent workmanship.

Building the future

USP&E Investments are committed to longstanding partnerships, together with the brightest and most talented designers, architects, contractors, and realtors, aiming to provide the highest quality. USP&E Investments offers multiple services along with  containerised accomodation units.

Meet the team


USP&E Investments works alongside all their clients to provide a seamless stress-free project experience. We strive to offer development solutions at competitive prices and completed in record time!