USP&E ONE: Guaranteed Satisfaction

USP&E ONE is our commitment to our client's 100% satisfaction at all times. Our more than 100 positive client references demonstrate our commitment to quality, reliability and excellence. How many companies put there client references on their websites? USP&E's dedication to transparency and high professional standards of absolute excellence in this manner is unmatched. That’s why every product that enters our inventory undergoes a comprehensive inspection, testing and servicing process, a process we call “USP&E ONE.” We this Our eight step process is as follows:

Procurement: When used HFO Generators, New HFO Generators, used natural gas generators, or used natural gas turbines are presented to USP&E, we perform extensive due diligence on its maintenance history, hours, fuel quality, and other items before the plant arrives at one of our global facilities. In many cases our expert technicians are able to load test, evaluate, open up and inspect, borescope test, and evaluate in person. 

Arrival: When a unit arrives at one of our global facilities or warehouses, our team of expert technicians initiates the inspection and refurbishment process. We thoroughly evaluate every generator set, gas turbine, HFO power plant, natural gas generator, and auxiliary equipment, identifying any faulty or defective part or component.

Inspection: Units are then inspected to ensure every component will perform to factory specifications. 

Servicing: Once we’ve identified any defects, we replace the necessary parts so that every component is functioning properly. Additionally, our mechanics change the oil and oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and any other parts requiring service such as belts and hoses. If our clients require fast-track shipping, the servicing may be performed once at the client's project site. 

Testing & Commissioning Capabilities: Testing and commissioning is of critical importance. Our site testing and commissioning capabilities are second to none in that we will work in virtually any safe world port or non-embargoed country, world-wide. Our testing and commissioning technicians are equipped with all of the spare parts, tools, and load banks required in order to test generator sets, calibrate control systems, and ensure your power station is set to run for years to come. 

Testing Process: Our generators are put through rigorous load tests, during which we use eTAP software, and other tools, to assess:

  • Power output (MW) at full load
  • Cooling system functionality
  • Lube oil pressure
  • No oil, fuel, coolant leaks
  • Base pressure
  • Voltage fluctuation
  • Responsiveness to load changes
  • Turbo boost
  • Fuel pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • AC voltage
  • AC current
  • AC frequency

Testing Efficiency: All of our tests are performed at full capacity for a minimum of one hour. Each unit must function according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the testing process indicates further necessary repairs, the unit is reviewed for additional work and then re-tested if necessary.

Cleaning & Painting: We take pride in our work and believe the appearance of our equipment should be as excellent as the functionality. To that end, each component of the power station is thoroughly cleaned and painted to ensure that when you receive it, it looks as close to new as possible.

Dismantling & Shipping: USP&E specializes in the dismantling, tagging, preservation, packaging, loading, and shipping of the power stations we sell. Additionally, we can handle all logistics, shipping, and handling required by our clients. Once ready for loading, we can ship virtually anywhere in the world. We take great care to ensure that the power station arrives at your facility ready for re-assembly, installation, testing and commissioning. 

This is USP&E ONE - our single minded focus on reliability, transparency, and excellence. We have nearly 20 years of lessons learned and do not waver in our commitment to delivering the highest level of quality and value each and every day.

Because of USP&E ONE, you can buy with confidence and know exactly what you’re getting at the time of purchase. We know you have high standards, and we are committed to earning your repeat business by being the best at what we do.

We invite you to come by the facility and observe a load test and see our process firsthand.

USP&E Guarantee

At USP&E, we are determined to delivering 100% superior client satisfaction through our thermal and renewable power station equipment. In this way, we offer a 100% quality assurance guarantee. You’ll get the full manufacturer warranty on new products, and a 30-day warranty on used inventory. For rebuilt equipment we provide a 6-month warranty, (excluding inventory marked as-is).