Turnkey Power Plant Solutions

USP&E Global specialize in the supply of Power Plant EPC, O&M, SmartPower and industrial generators from 800kW to over 100MW. We offer a seamless client experience in assisting our clients from start to finish on any of their power projects. Our experienced team have over 20 years experience serving global power projects across 190 emerging markets. Will your project be next? 

USP&E Global has international offices and offer world-class energy products and services globally. 

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Specialized Power Plant Services

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New and Low Hour Generators

USP&E has an enormous supply of new and used HFO powerplants, HFO generators, diesel generators, natural gas turbines, Cat generators, Cummins generators, and a large selection of generator accessories. Email us at info@uspeglobal.com and allow us to serve you.

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Power Plant O&M

USP&E is committed to providing world-class power plant operation and maintenance. Access over two decades of power plant expertise. Our team has vast experience across various manufacturers. Get in touch with us today for more information on our renewable energy solutions. We can be reached at info@uspeglobal.com.

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Power Plant EPC

US Power and Environment (USP&E) is the most respected and trusted supplier of power station EPC and O&M services in emerging markets around the world. We have over two decades of experience in the energy industry across various environments, circumstances and projects. 


With a focus on flexibility and innovation, USP&E is committed to designing, building and operating efficient, affordable, and reliable mobile and fixed power plants - with hybrid solar and renewable options to drive maximum value to all stakeholders.