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Smart Energy Storage By USP&E

We offer our latest in battery energy storage technology, Smart Energy Storage. Access our Containerized Energy Storage System and unlock reliable stored power for your industrial projects. 

These battery storage systems are designed for large-scale industrial applications. This system is integrated with intelligent power conversion systems, power distribution units, temperature control and integrated safety system. 

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High-Performance energy storage

Smart Energy Storage is containerized energy storage units consists of automotive-grade high-performance LFP batteries. These battery clusters contain efficient processing modules and battery management systems. 

Key Benefits of Smart Energy Storage

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Our energy storage system offers clients custom battery storage solutions to store energy for when they need it. These systems give clients flexibility regarding their  power and acts as a safety net for their projects. This ensures that users rely less on grid power and improve the flexibility of power supply, these mainly emphasizes that smart energy storage provides more reliability for people's power utilization.

Application Advantages Include: 
1. Smart Energy Storage saves you money by discharging at peak time(high electricity price) and charging at valley or normal time(low electricity price). The charging and discharging process of the energy storage battery can also adjust the user's power demand curve, so as to relieve power overload. 

 2. For the commercial/industrial users, if the loads running can be ensured by original power configuration most time in a year, and the power overload only occurs at a few peak periods, then the BESS can help to expand the capacity and save investment of new transmission and distribution facilities. 

 3. Clean energy + ESS can also reduce pollution, promote green production and achieve environment protection.

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Industrial Park Microgrid

Industrial Parks will no longer be compromised by unreliable grid power. Using the USP&E battery storage, large industrials will now be able to operate independent to the grid. 

Industrial battery power packages

Business Microgrid

Business remain unaffected by fluctuations in grid power and can continue to conduct business during energy disruptions. Business can now store grid power for when they need it. 

Battery energy for businesses

Integrated Solar + ESS Charging

The integrated solar and ESS charging capabilities allow for business to harness renewable energy for an uninterrupted power supply. This gives companies the ability to rely less on grid power. 

Integrated Solar ESS

Access expandable  battery energy storage for large-scale applications that offers reliable power.