Our Commitment


Our company's vision is to be the most TRUSTED provider of power generation equipment and services in international emerging markets.


Our mission is to deliver the most cost effective and efficient power station engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions worldwide. Our motto: "Harnessing Energy for Life" encapsulates our mission.


USP&E is committed to making the world a better place through our innovative renewable and conventional energy platform, backed up by proprietary software, that operates as the crankshaft of the social and economic benefits we offer to communities that desire reliable, secure, affordable green energy

We Have What You Need

USP&E has an enormous supply of new and used HFO power plants, HFO generators, diesel generators, natural gas turbines, Cat generators, Cummins generators, and a large selection of generator accessories. 

We also rent containerized diesel generators to clients worldwide. USP&E Global have a suite of renewable solar, energy storage, wind and biomass solutions that can be operated in a hybrid configuration with our conventional thermal solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and quality of service are the primary focuses of USP&E. Our engineering and construction services, generators, power station equipment and maintenance offerings are "best in class" when it comes to value and quality.


We provide leadership, both as a company and as individuals. USP&E's leadership is founded on talented employees effectively applying technology, innovative manufacturing, and sound business management. We add more value at lower cost with faster response. We each lead through our competence, creativity, and teamwork.


We act with integrity in all we do. At USP&E, each individual is personally accountable and expected to maintain the highest standards in terms of behavior and performance. Honesty and fairness is reflected in all aspects of our work. We live up to our commitments.


USP&E values people, from our employees to our customers, suppliers, and the individuals who benefit from our power stations. We are committed to treating our customers, staff, and company resources with the respect that they deserve.

Get what you need from USP&E Global!

Whatever you ask, be sure of one thing - We will do whatever it takes to make sure that we exceed your expectations.

Thank you for your interest in our HFO generators, diesel and natural gas power stations. We look forward to working with you.