Extended Warranties

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Safeguarding Power Plants 

Protect and prolong the use of your energy equipment with USP&E. Our extended warranties give clients peace of mind when purchasing industrial power plants from us. 

USP&E guides clients toward effective power plant management and purchase. Our inventory is home to large-scale industrial power plants. Extend the life of your power plant with USP&E's 2 year warranty packages. 

Power plant warranty.

World class after-sales support

USP&E is a mult-national sales, service, construction and rental company that specializes in domestic and overseas diesel generator and data center construction projects. With offices in Mexico, Spain, Africa, and the USA, USP&E currently has construction, installation and service projects underway in over 20 countries worldwide.

Extend Your Power Plants Warranty

Call USP&E today about our exclusive Used Equipment Warranty Packages that allow for up to a 2 year extended warranty for nearly all products.