USP&E Solar & Renewables

Industrial Fast-Track Solar Leasing 

USP&E is supporting large global industrials in meeting their ESG duties and reducing their carbon emissions . Access modular containerized solar solutions for lease. 

Our Solar lease packages include durable turnkey solar setups without the need for additional components. Each solar package includes preinstalled battery energy storage, solar PV panels and innovative sun tracking technology. 

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USP&E Solar Leasing

USP&E's flexible leasing agreements for pre-assembled and containerised solar PV and battery equipment are designed to simplify harnessing solar energy. The equipment delivers clean, reliable power, making it an ideal solution for industrial companies looking to off-set their carbon emissions and become ESG compliant. 

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Short & Long Term Rental Available

Solar leasing options for long or short term projects. We have the perfect rental agreement for your project to meet all your energy requirements. 

Turnkey Capabilities

Our solar packages are designed to be simple to setup and integrated into your project. Each solar grid is modular in design and connected seamlessly. 


The modular design of our solar PV systems makes it fully scalable to any large industrial project. This is achieved by combining our solar grids to suit the project requirements. 

Solar Show 2022 - Highlights

The Solar Show 2022 gave us the opportunity to showcase our innovative turnkey solar and renewable solutions to our clients. Our team explained how USP&E facilitates renewable energy solutions to clients in emerging markets! 

USP&E Global offers our clients streamlined renewable energy success! We are at your side throughout the entire renewable process and take a hands-on approach to every project no matter the size!

Important Insights From The Solar Show 2022 

Group CEO and Founder, Will Gruver, explains how USP&E values the success of client projects. We work together with our clients to provide complete solar & hybrid energy systems at the lowest costings.

USP&E acts as your guide to long-term energy success given your context and objectives.

Smart Solar Tracking 

USP&E's Solar PV systems are all equipped with cutting edge solar tracking technology. This technology ensures that each solar panel is in the most effective position to the sun. 

Smart Solar PV systems allow for faster installation, increased efficiency in power generation and increased functionality. 

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As our industries begin to decarbonise and rely less on fossil fuels, we at USP&E facilitate this shift with viable solutions. Contact us to gain a competitive advantage with Solar Leasing!