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When it comes to Sustainable Energy for Crypto Mining, USP&E offers a full range of thermal and renewable hybrid power station options including diesel, natural gas engines and natural gas turbines, wind energy, solar power, and energy storage (industrial battery banks).

USP&E has been working with some of the world’s leading crypto mining houses to drive down carbon emissions, drive up efficiencies, and manage power availability and reliability through our proprietary software systems including SMARTcrypto, which uses performance analytics and predictive analytics to optimize power output and reduce fuel consumption.

We realize that energy affordability is essential in order for the bitcoin operation to be economically and environmentally sustainable. USP&E is the leading energy EPC and O&M with our own Ai.-driven software that ensures our crypto clients run as affordable and optimizable as possible.

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USP&E’s crypto mining power station design engineering teams, located in the USA, Europe and South Africa, offer bespoke renewable hybrid thermal power station solutions that integrate solar, wind, gas turbine, engine, biomass and energy storage in order to drive down fuel consumption and optimize the project IRR over the life of the project.

USP&E offers 5MW to 100MW+ power station solutions that are full hybridized and optimized with our proprietary onboard SCADA and energy management systems called SMARTcrypto. Our software allows all stakeholders to measure and monitor KPIs such as cost per kilo-watt hour of production, and overall project profitability based upon the crypto currency being mined and its current market value. SMARTcrypto leverages A.I., machine learning, and predictive analytics in order to deliver an elegant, information rich dashboard to our client’s hand held devices. Additionally, USP&E offers full warranty and performance guarantees on our new and used energy production equipment.

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Conventional power stations often take too long to build and are unsustainable environmentally. But USP&E’s hybrid renewable power stations, which layer PV, Wind, Biomass, and natural gas / thermal energy production, allow for 24/7 delivery of reliable, sustainable and affordable power that the crypto industry needs most.

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