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Powering The Oil & Gas Industry

USP&E is a medium-scale global energy provider offering interim and long-term power solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.

USP&E specializes in unique, hybrid, renewable and sustainable power station solution for the oil and gas industry worldwide. There is a consistently growing need for energy in the world, and for emerging markets, this means that there are both challenges and opportunities to meet. 

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Energy solutions for the oil & Gas Markets

A continent like Africa is on an upward curve and has a lot of growth potential in the oil and gas industry but it also faces many challenges on how best to leverage these opportunities for continued growth. That's where we come in - USP&E helps oil and gas companies in emerging markets by working through the various challenges. Our tenured experience and knowledge produce optimum results for our clients while we identify and mitigate project risks and provide a long-lasting power generation solution.

Serving Emerging Markets for over 20 years!

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Proven Track Record

USP&E Global has a proven track record across various emerging markets worldwide. 

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20-year record of award-winning success!

Experience that includes a global service footprint across North America & Africa.

Technical mastery and project management expertise that results in power stations that are the most efficient, affordable, and reliable for the life of each project.

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