Gas Turbine Package Refurbishment with Full OEM Warranty

USP&E now offers full gas turbine package refurbishment with OEM warranties and performance guarantees!

USP&E engineers work with OEMs to install optimized SCADA systems, components, upgrades and digital solutions to each package. 

We refurbish, paint, repair, and upgrade all components and include a USP&E and OEM warranty that allows for easy financing and reduced insurance premiums.

USP&E's refurbished gas turbine TM2500, LM2500, LM6000 and other packages, if not in stock immediately, are delivered to clients worldwide in under 120 days.


USP&E Global specializes in repairing main power plant trailers. Discover high-quality trailer repair completed in short turn around times. There is no need to replace your gas turbine trailers any longer. 

The gas turbine engine is refurbished by USP&E Global who also provide warranty and performance guarantees. Get full wiring, instrumentation, piping and Fire & Gas system full refurbishments. Our aim is to restore the structural and aesthetic of your gas turbine engine for it to look brand new again!

USP&E Global prolongs the life of gas turbine trailers to continue to harness energy for your project! 


At USP&E Global, we go further in our refurbishments and repair and replace important damaged internal auxiliary components too. It is important that your auxiliaries are in good working order to maintain operational efficiencies. This can be done with our turnkey trailer repair packages.  

All the auxiliary components are refurbished, filters replaced and systems flushed to meet OEMs specifications. USP&E has transformed auxiliary systems and brought them back to life to drive up efficiencies. Will your unit be next? 


USP&E recognises the importance of the gas turbines inlet section of the trailer and offers complete restoration and repair. This will improve air flow, structural rigidity and efficiencies of this plant. 

Our team ensures that your damaged inlet is cleaned, re-painted, filters replaced to ensure FOD free operation. This prolongs the life of the gas turbine inlet and allows for decades of operation. 

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