Biomass Energy

USP&E supports merging together a new generation of Hybrid technologies to deliver more efficient and immediately available energy solutions. With a better way to improve our clients’ project economics, USP&E is on the vanguard of global

energy transformation.

Biomass is considered a renewable energy source that qualifies for carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol (the first agreement between nations to mandate country-by country reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions). It is created with biological material derived from living or recently living plants. Biomass can be used directly to produce thermal energy or indirectly to produce biofuel such as biogas and syngas using biochemical conversion methods that USP&E and our partners have developed.

With two working industrial facilities in operation and three more under contract. USP&E is offering a Clean Energy System that produces an inexpensive hydrogen-rich gas stream on demand from biomass and waste sources. This core technology is ideal for clean energy applications such as distributed or centralized electrical power generation, or for production of synthetic diesel fuel.

After many months of design, engineering, construction and weeks of pre commissioning, USP&E is commissioning our newest biomass to liquid diesel energy production facility in Bay Minette AL USA!

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