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Improve Your Hashrate Today

Using innovative crypto mining software to help you get the most out of your crypto mining operations. 

USP&E is transforming crypto mining projects by providing reliable, efficient, and thermally renewable energy powered by proprietary software using predictive analytics, machine learning, and statistical algorithms, so customers can better understand how their crypto mining rigs are performing, wherever they are. 

Your data is collected and presented to have a profound impact on results-based models and ultimately the performance of your crypto mining rigs around the world!

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Make crypto mining worthwhile 

Simple mining setup, control and monitoring! Whether you're looking to start your cryptocurrency mining journey or an experienced miner with hundreds of rigs or ASICs, we have the monitoring tool you need. Control and manage your mining rigs remotely from your smartphone, laptop or desktop. You can view and optimize your hash rate, view your mining energy consumption, rig performance, edit your alerts, and analyze your crypto mining analytics.

Contact USP&E and discover how our software can improve your hashrate, monitor your mining rigs, analyze rig performance and optimize your energy consumption.