Owner's Engineering

Over the past 20 years, USP&E has designed and built power plants around the world. From Panama to Libya, South Africa to the United States, Sierra Leone to Guatemala. We have worked in exotic fuels, solar, hybrid, energy storage, HFO, LNG, LPG, CNG, and liquid fuels. As such, there are very few companies that have the breadth of experience and "lessons learned" that USP&E offers our clients. 

Energy companies today are highly specialized and often focus on limited fields and sub-sections of renewable or thermal energy technologies only. In fact, many utility engineers find the opportunity to work in cross-disciplines only once in a career. To fill the experience gap, USP&E offers “owner’s engineer” services that can add to an Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) or utility’s team a cadre of highly qualified power engineers who focus on avoiding design errors and keeping the project on schedule. 

The most basic definition of an owner’s engineer is someone or, more commonly, a team of experts that serves as an independent advocate for the owner. The owner’s engineer, in this case USP&E, plays a supporting but critical role by filling gaps and supplementing a plant owner’s resources with their own in order to achieve technical and commercial design compliance and ensure overall project success. 

It is an often-neglected reality of the energy industry that, despite calls for carbon emissions reductions, energy conservation, efficiency improvements, and increased use of renewable technologies, the global economy’s appetite for electricity will continue to grow as markets re-open post Covid-19 lockdown and continue their upward expansion.

In this way, there is a massive need for new thermal and renewable power stations that are efficient, environmentally responsible, and meet  or exceed increases in electrical demand due to economic growth and retirement of older, less efficient energy production facilities.  

With increasingly robust environmental regulations driving cleaner power production and the never-ending search for innovative ways to generate, store, and move power, the expert and robust role of owner’s engineer is even more critical.

Just think of this: with prices in the $1m to $2m per MW range installed, a full-scale, state-of-the-art, regulation-compliant, utility-scale power station can cost over $1 billion dollars to build. Given this, as owner’s engineer, USP&E has saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars by our streamlined, fast-track approach, close relationships with OEMs and industry experts, and our ability to quickly assess the options matrix and handle project execution. 

As owner’s engineer, USP&E walks our clients through the minefield of risks and rewards associated with the notoriously stubborn obstacles of technical configuration leadership, environmental approvals, finance model auditing, feasibility study writing, proposal management, power purchase agreement writing and negotiation, and financial close. Insurmountable timelines and low capex thresholds are only achieved with the right owner’s engineer. Even in the best-case scenarios, the maze of complex and interrelated tasks required to take a project from concept to start-up can seem overwhelming. But with USP&E, the answer is always “Yes We Can”.

With over 20 years of experience working globally on power generation projects for some of the world’s best-run companies in many of the most remote and rugged regions, USP&E hopes to work with you on your next project as well. In this way we become better, stronger, and truly enjoy brining our expertise under your roof and ensuring you lasting success. 

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