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333 MW 2011 Used Mitsubishi 701F4 Dual Fuel (Gas and Diesel) Power Plant

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333MW Simple Cycle GAS TURBINE POWER PLANT. Dual Fuel (Gas or diesel) (There is no steam turbine) Mitsubishi (Japan), Model 701F4 Year of Manufacture 2011. Commissioning Year 2012. Stopping Year 2014. 50Hz, 41.9% Heat efficiency LHV, 8592kJ/kWh LHV Heat rate, 8144 Btu/kWh, 748kg/s Exhaust flow, 1400 degree Inlet temperature, 630 degree Exhaust temperature, 3000RPM, 25ppm@15%O2 Exhaust Nox, 10ppm@15%O2 Exhaust Co, 45% Turn down load, 38MW/min Ramp Rate. Gas turbine size: approx. = 14.3m (L) X 5.8m (W) x 6.1m (H). Approx. weight: 415ton. TURBINE: Axial flow type, 4 Stages, 1 Rotors COMPRESSOR: Axial flow type, 17 Stages, 3 bleed COMBUSTOR: Multi-can-annular type, 20 Combustor, Air cooled


Stock NumberUSP008850
Wattage333,000 kW
Fuel typeDiesel
Frequency50 Hz