50 MW Used Pratt & Whitney FT4C Diesel Power Plant

No longer available


50 MW Used Pratt & Whitney FT4C Diesel Power Plant

-The turbine and generator units are comprised of two opposed FT4C Modular Industrial Turbines directly connected through diaphragm couplings to an electric generator with a throughdrive overhung brushless exciter. -The Control House is located adjacent to the turbine/generator enclosure and contains all of the controls and instruments necessary to operate the generating plant. -The 15kV switchgear house is connected to the generator by a prefabricated length of totally enclosed, weatherproof, 15kV class cable bus. -Water Injection house contains the pumping skid and is connected to the Turbines fuel manifold. It begins to inject water @ a tail pipe temperature of 950 deg. F. It’s purpose is to cool the exhaust gas to limit the NOx emissions generated by the exhaust gas created by the burning of the Fuel Oil #2.


ManufacturerPratt & Whitney
Stock NumberUSP008891
Wattage50 MW
Fuel typeDiesel
Frequency60 Hz