$13,200,000 (USD)

30.688 MW GE TM 2500+ Dual Fuel Generator Set

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3 x GE TM 2500+ Gas Turbines, 30.688 MW, 50 or 60 Hz, Dual fuel, Warranty GE TM2500+ 60Hz 30.688MW (None Water Injection), 3,600RPM Heat Rate: 8,830Btu/kWh, 9,316kJ/kWh Efficiency: 39% Pressure Ratio: 22.5 Exhaust Flow: 192.2lb/sec, 87.2kg/sec Exhaust Temp: 959.1 degF, 515 degC GE TM2500+ 50Hz 26.190MW (None Water Injection), 3,000RPM Heat Rate: 9,246Btu/kWh, 9,755kJ/kWh Efficiency: 37% Pressure Ratio: 21.2 Exhaust Flow: 184.5lb/sec, 83.7kg/sec Exhaust Temp: 925.0 degF, 496.1 degC

USP&E have 8 (eight) TM2500s 21mw in good condition for $7.5 million each

USP&E have 4 (four) TM2500 22mw with six month GE warranty in good condition for $9.4m each

USP&E have 3 (three) TM2500+31 MW one year warranty for $13.2m each


ModelTM 2500+
Stock NumberUSP009185
Wattage35,000 kW