$7,500,000 (USD)

25.0 MW 2007-2012 GE TM2500 Natural Gas Turbine Generator Sets x 15



25.0 MW GE TM2500 Natural Gas Turbine Generator Mobile Packages x 15 UNITS USED LOW HOUR and New ZERO HOUR GE TM2500 Mobile Gas Turbines Capacity: 25MW - 31MW Dual Fuel: Diesel or Natural Gas

We have 8 (eight) TM2500s 21mw in good condition for $7.5 million each

We have 4 (four) TM2500 22mw with six month GE warranty in good condition for $9.4m each

We have 3 (three) TM2500+31 MW one year warranty for $13.2m each The TM2500 works well for providing a base load bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power in the wake of natural disasters, plant shutdowns, or grid instability. Our complete solutions—including trailer mounted gas turbine generator set and containerized balance of plant—can put power on the grid within 30 days of the contract signature; this fast power provides the greatest power density among gas turbine trailer mounted offerings.


Stock NumberUSP009076
Wattage25,000 kW
Fuel typeNatural Gas