$6,000,000 (USD)

24.9 MW 1994 Used Wartsila 12V32E HFO Power Plant




USP&E is selling a Used 24.9MW Wartsila 12V32E HFO Power Plant with Low hours! ENGINES 6 x 4MW Wartsila 12V32E Vasa Finland + Complete Balance of Plant. Enclosure: Open Overall condition: Excellent Year of Manufacture 1994 Each 4,150kW, 50Hz, 6.6kV ALTERNATORS Make: LEROY SOMER Type: LSA 58,S6-8P 5,000kVA / 4,000kW Type and make of Governor PGG-58 Type of fuel used: HFO / HSD Specific Fuel (H.F.O.) consumption: 217.56 gms/KWH Specific Lub Oil consumption: 1.03 gms/KWH Type and make of Fuel pump: PEO-GO-30 Type and make of Lub oil used: Shell Argina x 40 Pump & Filter unit make and capacity: Wartsila Flow meter Type and Make: Screw Rockwin No of HFO separator: 2 Nos. Type and make: ALFA LAVAL MOPX 213 Type and make of Lub oil separator: ALFA LAVAL MOPX 207 Lub oil Filter Type and make: FFP-32040 FINN - Lub Oil PhE make: RE-HEAT Lub oil Thermostat Make: AMOT HT water PHE make: REHEAT HT thermostat make: AMOT LT PHE make: REHEAT Pre lub oil make: IMO Charge air filter: OIL BATHTYPE Make: LOCKERAIR Maze-England No of Charge air silencer size and make: ONE,NS-700 Exhaust silencer Size and make: NS-800 PAL-MET No of exhaust bellows and size: 02, NS500 Size and of Bellows after engine T/c: NS 500 No of SS bellows connecting engine piping: 10 Nos. Ventilation system: Wet type Cooling Pumps capacity: 40 HP EoT crane make and capacity: BUC, 5 TON WHR BOILER Thermax

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Stock NumberUSP009154
Wattage24.9 MW
Fuel typeHFO
Frequency50 Hz