$10,000,000 (USD)

17.5 MW 2010 New MAN 18V32/40 HFO Generator




USP&E is selling a NEW 17,496MW Total Plant capacity of (2) units of MAN 18V32/40 BRAND NEW! ZERO HOURS!

2 x 8,748 kWel (Continuous Power), 6.6kV, 50Hz Efficiency: Generator minimum 95% The Containerized Power Plant (CPP) solution was originally intended for heavy fuel oil (HFO) and for an 18-cylinder vee-form MDT 18V32/40 engine. Containerized Power Plant offers the advantage of quick installation and can be easily re-located since all the crucial equipment is housed inside the high cube enclosure. Air filters, ventilation fans, and other equipment typically located in containerized power solutions, are all integrated into the containers. All equipment, such as the HFO separators, is integrated into the auxiliary container. The control system for the entire CPP is via an operator interface. HMI system inside Central Control Room (CCR) monitors and controls are the following: gen-set, fuel oil system, lube oil system, cooling water system, exhaust gas system, electrical system, etc. The Power Plant operates in island mode and it is designed, engineered and delivered by USP&E. All materials, design, manufacturing, factory test and inspection of the equipment will be executed with the following standards. - KS, Korean Industrial Standards - JIS, Japanese Industrial Standards - ISO, International Organization for Standardization - IEC, Standards of International Electro technical Committees - NEMA, National Electrical Manufacture's Association - Supplier's Standards Standard Manufacturer's Warranty Included

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Stock NumberUSP009161
Wattage17.5 MW
Fuel typeHFO
Frequency50 Hz
EnclosureWeather Enclosure