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12.9 MW 2014 New Siemens SGT-400 Dual Fuel Gas Turbine

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USP&E is selling 12.9 MW 2014 New Siemens SGT-400 Dual Fuel Gas Turbine

Units available: 3 x 12.9 MW



**Note that price is per unit 

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Available Overview

• Twin-shaft, industrial

• Power generation: 12.90 MW(e)

• Frequency: 60 Hz

• Electrical efficiency: 34.8 %

• Heat rate: 10,355 kJ/kWh at full load (9,815 Btu/kWh)

• Compressor pressure ratio: 16.8:1

• Exhaust gas flow: 39.4 kg/s (86.8 lb/s)

• Exhaust temperature: 555° C (1,031° F)

• Typical emissions: NOx <15 ppmV and CO <10 ppmV (corrected to 15 % O2 dry)

• Medium-calorific value fuels capability (>25 MJ/Nm3 Wobbe index) see attached fuel specification for more detail.

Axial Compressor

• 11-stage with variable inlet guide vanes

• Air flow: (ISO) 38.9 kg/s

• Nominal speed: 14,100 rpm


• 6 reverse-flow cannular combustion chambers

• Dry Low Emissions (DLE) system designed for dual fuel operation with automatic changeover

• On-skid gas fuel piping in stainless steel.

• Two rapid-acting gas shut-off valves.

• Independent control of main and pilot gas fuel valves.

• High-energy ignitor system

DLE Liquid Fuel System

• Liquid fuel pump, AC motor driven.

• Duplex type, 10 micron, liquid fuel filter complete with differential pressure transmitter.

• On-skid fuel piping in stainless steel downstream of filter.

• Shut-off valves.

• Liquid fuel grounding.

• Independent control of primary, secondary and tertiary liquid fuel flows.

• Off-skid shut-off and thermal relief valves (Supplied loose for customer’s liquid fuel off-skid piping).

• Liquid fuel startup assist design supplied for improved reliability.

• Liquid fuel conditioning system contained on a Painted carbon steel skid.

• Hydrocarbon drains tank on package

• Instrumentation for pressure and temperature monitoring

Gas Turbine

• 2-stage overhung compressor turbine - Both stages are air-cooled

• 2-stage high-efficiency power turbine - Rotor blades have interlocking shrouds for mechanical integrity


• Tilt-pad radial and thrust

• Standard vibration- and temperature monitoring

Main reduction gearbox

• Output speed of 1,800rpm

• Parallel shaft speed reducing gearbox with an output shaft speed of 1800 rpm.

• Accelerometer vibration probe mounted on the gearbox casing.

• Designed for 12.9 MW(e) rated core.

Auxiliary Gearbox

Auxiliary gearbox incorporating input shaft for start system and output drive for mechanically driven lube oil pump.


An 1800 rpm, 4.16 kV, 3 phase, 4 wire, 4 pole, 60 Hz, 0.8 power factor, salient pole brushless AC generator suitable for a safe area.

• Open Drip Proof (ODP).

• Generator bearing temperature detectors.

• Class ’F’ insulation with class ’B’ temperature rise.

• Outlet and junction boxes.

• Line side Cubicle including 3 surge capacitors, and 3 lightning arrestors.

• Neutral Cubicle including 11CT’s (3 for Metering, 3 for Differential Protection, 3 for Generator Protection, 1 for CCCT, and 1 for NGR).


• Fabricated steel underbase - Separate underbases to carry the gas turbine, auxiliary gearbox and gearbox and generator fabricated steel construction. (I am trying to source the exact drawings)

• Integral oil tank serving the gas turbine, gearbox and generator.

• Main lube oil pump, gearbox driven.

• Auxiliary lube oil pump and AC motor.

• Emergency lube oil pump and explosion proof DC motor.

• On-skid lube oil piping, stainless steel.

• Lube oil pressure transmitter and switch.

• Lube oil supply temperature thermocouple and transmitter.

• Lube oil tank temperature thermocouple.

• Lube oil tank low level switch and annunciation.

• Two (2) lube oil tank immersion heaters.

• Duplex type 10 micron lube oil filter, fitted with differential pressure transmitter.

• Low pressure oil mist eliminator constructed of carbon steel.

• 1 x 100% air blast lubrication oil cooler suitable for an ambient air temperature up to 104°F (40°C).

• Supply and return pipe work to / from turbine package / oil cooler

• Non-return valves for lube oil cooler piping supplied loose for fitting by others.

• Electrically driven hydraulic start system

• Three stage combustion air intake filter, fabricated of 316 SS.

• SS Weather hood/Vane Separator, Prefilter and HEPA filter.

• Combustion air intake silencer, fabricated of stainless steel, designed for overall sound attenuation to 85dB(A) SPL at 3ft (1m)

• Expansion joint.

• Transition duct.

• 90° elbow.

• Exhaust diffuser fabricated in stainless steel.

• Exhaust flex.

• Secondary diffuser fabricated in stainless steel.

• Exhaust Silencer fabricated in painted carbon steel with stainless steel internals, designed for an overall sound attenuation of 85 dB (A) SPL at 3ft (1m)

• Exhaust ducting fabricated in stainless steel to a stack 15m above grade

Ventilation System

• Ventilation inlet and outlet dampers.

• Inertial filter.

• Ventilation inlet and outlet silencers fabricated of carbon steel, designed for an overall noise level of 85dB (A) SPL at 3ft (1m).

• 2 x 100% AC electric motor driven ventilation fans operating in parallel designed for Class 1, Division 2 Group D area classification, and up to a maximum ambient temperature of 104°F (40°C).

• Turbine compressor cleaning system for on-line and off-line water washing

Turbine Control system

• Siemens SIMATIC PLC-based with distributed control and processing capability

• Located on skid incorporating a Human machine interface (HMI).

• Turbine sequencing and protection.

• Fault monitoring.

• HMI and front panel, text in English.

• Annunciation.

• Gas turbine speed control.

• Temperature monitoring.

• Turbine vibration monitoring.

• Generator bearing temperature monitoring.

• Monitoring of accelerometer on gearbox.

• Transient logging package for fast data logging.

• Interlocks for standard fire and gas monitor.

• Remote Desktop to be located by customer.

Generator Control Panel

• Located on skid.

• Automatic voltage regulator.

• Automatic and manual synchronizing controls with check synchronizer.

• Generator metering and protection equipment.

Fire and Gas System

• Three Triple IR flame detectors.

• Two thermal detectors.

• Two gas detectors.

• Four CO2 cylinders, located off main skid in a weatherproof enclosure, twin-shot fire protection system.

• Audible and visible alarms for extinguish and release.

• Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 Group D area classification.

• Provision for weighing the CO2 bottles to monitor charge

Electrical Accessories

• All on-package electric devices meet or exceed Class 1 Division 2 Group D classification.

• All on-package control cabling.

• Junction boxes located on external surfaces of gas turbine generator.

• Aluminum cable trays.

• Integral grounding protection.

• Emergency ’stop’ push-button on turbine enclosure.

Lead Acid Batteries

120 VDC Lead Acid batteries, charger and inverter for 24V DC Supply mounted in the battery rack.

Two Year Spare Parts & Special Tools

1 Unit Power Strip, Surge Protector, 5 Outlet, Sertrex Series

1 Unit Relay, Switching, 24V, Terminal Block Mounted For Din 35 Rail 1 Unit Batter AssyLogix5000

1 Unit Element InstAir Filter Assy, (For 74/60050048/1 & /2)

1 Unit Output Fuse- 125V/20A DC

1 Unit Fast Acting Fuse- 3/4A 100KA @ 500VD C/600VAC

1 Unit Fuse- 24VDC /100ADC

1 Unit Fuse- 24VDC/ 100ADC Output Semi-Conductor

1 Unit Filter Element, Carb STL, For Items 1 & 2 of 75/05002071

1 Unit Filter Element, Lube Oil DC (For 74/05002028/4)

1 Unit Filter Element, Atex, VGV Actuator (For 64/05002028/34)

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Stock NumberUSP009158
Wattage12.9 MW
Frequency60 Hz
FuelNatural Gas
Voltage4.16 kV