8.70 MW 2009 18V32 Diesel Generator

No longer available


18V32/40 gensets Please find pictures of the 18V32/40 gensets in Europe the paint looks dirty but this is conservation grease smeared all over, you will also see special red grease on all of the flanges and rubber elements The current availability is as follows: From 1st project (built 2010): 28 still available 3 reserved for customer 1* 7 reserved for customer 2* 18 not reserved * The reservations are time limited. From 2nd project (built 2012 / 2013): 17 still available General: - all 45 gensets were re-conserved for a further 24 months in October / November 2017. - The engines are stored in Europe, before each sale the engines are moved to an assembly hall nearby where a complete inspection of all parts and repairs / replaces as necessary. Based on this we give a 12 month warranty.


Stock NumberUSP008918
Wattage8,700 kW
Fuel typeDiesel
Frequency60 Hz