$678,000 (USD)

1.15 MW 2014 New Waukesha VHP 7044GSI Natural Gas Generator




USP&E is selling NEW 1.15 MW 2014 Waukesha VHP 7044GSI Natural Gas Generator for incredible price!

Additional Info:

New – never used (Only load test hours) – surplus – Warranty expire

1150 KW, 1200 RPM, 60Hz, 600 / 480 V AC OR 1050 KW, 1000 RPM, 50Hz, 400 VAC

Natural Gas – Propene – Associated Gas, etc New Waukesha 1150 kw Natural Gas Generator Model VHP 7044GSI, EPA Certified, 1200rpm, 600 / 480 VAC, 3 phases CONTINOUS DUTY APLICATION – 24/7/365 Weather Enclosure w/skid Engine Driven Radiator assembly • Engine Controls & Interface: Waukesha Engine ECU & Auxiliary I/O Box • Kato Alternator, 1200 kw / 1500 kva, 6P6-3300, 6 – Poles, 2 Bearing, 1200 rpm, 80 Deg C temp. Rise (40 Deg. Ambient) IP-23 Enclosure, PMG, Class “H”, 600/480 volt AC dual Voltage, 3 Ph, 60hz, 0.8 PF. • Renold Coupling • Engine controls and Interface – ECU and auxiliary I/O box • 50 gallon oil make-up system with level indication • Inlet gas train with regulator, manual shutoff valve and solenoid – gas train piped to outside of enclosure • 3 - way exhaust catalyst and industrial exhaust silencer with heat blanket and exhaust flexible connection, Exhaust stack – 4’ extension with rain cap • Exhaust Supports: Structural frame to support catalyst and silencer from Genset platform • Engine skid recessed-mounted into working skid - Non-slip diamond plate floor • Base frame designed to accommodate drop over, weather - proof enclosure Lift - off frame, for (6) - point rig on/lift off from base / platform • - Removable lifting eyes • Bolt-on connection to platform/base • 2) single access doors • (1) double access door • Spill Containment for engine coolant & oil, Incorporated into working platform • Main Generator Circuit Breaker o Front access only through double doors on alternator end of Genset o NEMA 3R rated o 2000AF insulated case circuit breaker, o Fixed mounted, 600/480VAC NEMA 3R, 65k AIC, UL891 o LSIG trip, neutral sensor, 24VDC shunt trip, Form ‘C’ aux contacts o Copper ground bus o Metering CT’s and PT’s o CB open & close control by Deep Sea 8610 Controller • Deep Sea 8610 Engine controller – parallel capable to utility - Gen start/stop/shutdown, sync, island, load share (other Deep Sea Gens) & utility parallel (adj. base load) modes of operation • Cable connection, 600/480V, 2000A – Alternator output Main CB, protected in steel wire way •Exterior cable connection - Copper bus with NEMA pads/holes designed to accept customer cables and lugs, Designed for cable entry from ground level, at side of enclosure near double doors • 480 v to 120/208v transformer •100 amp load center • Interior lighting, receptacles, and cable tray - Convenience Receptacles – GFCI, (1) double socket each side of Gen container, (1) near breaker/control cabinet •DC emergency lighting each side of container, above access/escape doors with timer. •Exterior lighting – (2) elevated lights to maintain light at ground level, pre-wired and installed but shipped loose •Light switches with weatherproof covers •Flush mount emergency stop with break glass NEMA 3R, shipped with extra contact blocks • Battery charger SENS, Battery Box with spill containment • Engine start batteries and containment • 4 hour load test • Any externally mounted items that must be removed for shipment are to be re-installed by the installing rigger / contractor

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ModelVHP 7044GSI
Stock NumberUSP009052
Wattage1.15 MW
Fuel typeNatural Gas
Frequency60 Hz