4.19 MW 2015 ABB AMG 0900SM10 LSE Alternator



Alternator ABB AMG 0900 SM10 LSE – 4 x 5238 kVA / 720 rpm / 60 Hz 4 pieces newer used ABB alternators made in year 2015 Designed for 720 rpm diesel or gas engine, with flexible coupling Type AMG 0900 SM10 LSE. 5238 kVA, 6600 V, 458 A, 60 Hz Duty S1, rotation facing drive end CCW , air-cooled Manufacturer: ABB Finland Manufacturer's type: ABB AMG 0900SM10 LSE Made in year: 2015 Capacity: 5238 kVA Application: Electric power generation Rated power: 5238 kVA / 6.6 kV / 60 Hz Number of alternators available: 4 Current: 458 ASpeed: 720 rpm Overspeed: 864 rpm Weight: 20 000 kg Inertia: 1140 kgm^2 Protection by enclosure: IP44 Cooling method: Air (IC8A1W7) These alternators were designed to operate with diesel or gas engine generator at rotation speed of 720 rpm and electrical output max 5238 kVA / 6.6 kV / 60 Hz. There are 4 identical alternators available non of them never operated. The alternator frame is a rigid welded structure and the sator is built of thin electric sheet laminations which are insulated on both sides with heat resistant inorganic resin. Alternators have two bearings and they have brushless agitation. The alternators are air cooled. All alternators are in warm store house ready for immediat shipment. Email us for more information on info@uspowerco.com TODAY!


ManufacturerABB Finland
ModelABB AMG 0900SM10 LSE
Stock NumberUSP009234
Wattage4,190 kW
HoursNew / Never Used
Frequency60 Hz