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6.5 MW 2004 Used Wartsila 16V32LN-CR HFO Generator Sets

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USP&E is selling Used Low hour 6.5 MW 2004 Wartsila 16V32LN-CR HFO Generator Sets in great condition!

Additional Info: Engine: Wartsila, 16V32LN-CR Generator: ABB, Fuel: MDF-HFO (HFO Feeder Pump will have to be installed for use with HFO) Frequency: 60Hz (can also work at 50 Hz with 18% reduction in KVA) Speed: 720 RPM, with an Overspeed of 864 RPM Output: 7,875kVA, 6,495kW Voltage: 11,000V Equipment Specifications Bore and Stroke: 320/350 MM Length= 420 inches, (including the Turbocharger) Height= 179 inches Width: = 116 inches. (Total Width, including the foundation lifting girder). Weight: approx. 94 to 95 ton. Complete Scope of Supply The following items will be included in the cost: 1. Complete Generator (Engine With Alternator) 2. Water Cooler, PHE 3. Lub. oil Cooler PHE 4. Candle Oil Filter 5. IMO Pump (Oil and Water Transfer Pump) 6. 1 PCs. Main Electric Control panel, with Electric Breaker. 7. Fuel Oil Transfer Pump, Starter Panel. 8. Small Candle Filter. 9. Prelub Oil Pump, Starter Panel. *5 Wartsila 16V32LN-CR HFO Generator Sets Available

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Stock NumberUSP009365
Frequency60 Hz
Fuel typeHFO
Wattage6.5 MW