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45 MW Used Siemens SGT A45 Gas Turbines




USP&E is selling Used 45 MW Siemens SGT A45 Gas Turbines In GREAT CONDITION!

Additional Info:

New Siemens A45 units with OEM warranty  

Mobile unit. Up to 44 MW(e) (ISO). 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Liquid and gas fuel

45 MW Each , 50 Hz , Dual fuel.

With up to 44 MW of electrical output, it offers significantly more power and higher efficiency than any other mobile gas turbine.


-The most powerful mobile generator on the market with up to 44 MW(e)

-Fast deployment solution for urgent power needs

-Few and fast connections between trailers

-Each unit pre-commissioned at the factory

-Industrial Trent 60 core engine components matched to proven, free power turbine

-Proven, highly efficient aeroderivative turbomachinery

-Compact footprint

-Uses liquid or gas fuel, with ability to start up and change over during operation on either fuel

-Optional water injection for low NOx and instant power boost

-Dual-frequency package with simple configuration change

-Designed for integration in complete power solution

-Transportable by road, air, or sea.

-Mobile solution up to 44 MW(e), with outstanding power density

-Fast start (9 minutes or less) and flexible operation

-Easy transport to site and relocation

-High fuel efficiency

-Performance optimized for hot climates

-Dual-fuel flexibility (liquid and gas)

-Low-NOx option

-Layout and installation optimized for full power plant solution

-Low maintenance, only one planned annual inspection

-Restart at any time – no “hot lockout” or “hot stan

Scope of supply

-Trailer 1: A/C generator. Generator lubrication and cooling systems

-Trailer 2: Gas turbine. Gas turbine ancillary systems (fuel, lube oil, etc.)

-Trailer 3: Unit control system. Motor control center. Switchgear. Air inlet and filter and exhaust stack designed for simple and quick installation on unit at site.

-Emissions to < 25 vppm NOx

-Mounted on trailers

-Highly standardized

Optional balance of plant scope

• Generator step-up transformers

• Liquid fuel storage and treatment

• Water demineralization plant

• Natural gas compressors 

*4 Siemens SGT A45 Gas Turbines Available

Images provided are stock images for representative purposes only and actuals can be supplied upon request. 

Installation and EPC and O&M services available - worldwide - through USP&E.  

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ModelSGT A45
Stock NumberUSP009254
Capacity45 MW
Fuel typeNatural Gas