BIOMASS - A Leading Owner's Engineer and O&M Company

As a globally-recognised and award-winning O&M power station contractor with references from some of the largest companies in the world, USP&E is well positioned to care for your biomass to liquid or biomass to electricity energy production facility. And this is critical as your O&M contractor provides a ‘safety net’ for the plant owner ensuring that the plant will be operated and maintained to guarantee reliability, availability, and output in the most efficient manner possible.

USP&E’s online performance and condition monitoring software, “SMARTpower” allows us to manage and review plant performance in real time, and allows all stake holders to do the same. Collecting operating data continuously throughout each operational month provides all shareholders the opportunity to analyse and make decisions on the performance and lifetime of the entire plant, from a holistic perspective.

Acting as both the Commissioning Agent and the O&M Service Provider, USP&E will guarantee the electricity output at a fixed price. Whereas many firms in the USA and Europe will have difficulties calculating their risks for such an undertaking, USP&E is an African firm that addresses risk head-on and through the experience of over 10 years doing business operating and maintaining power stations across the Continent.

With Biomass projects in the USA, Canada and Botswana, USP&E is a trusted and proven expert in this field.

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