Diesel Generators and Construction Services

Construction Services

Mission Critical Facilities such as Mineral Processing Plants, Island Power Plants and Data Centers are vital for large and small businesses and USP&E prides itself on our innate ability to recognize our client's requirements and the budget required to complete this intricate portion of their overall facility requirement. Our team of Construction Professionals has completed in excess of 6 million square feet of Power Plants and Mission Critical Facilities in various Tier Level configurations.

USP&E's Construction Professionals are not just Mission Critical Facility specialists; they can provide any facet required by our clients for construction or renovation projects. They are experienced in facility commissioning, facility evaluation, and all aspects of the construction process. USP&E offers project/program management, general contracting, construction management, and consulting services. There is no job too small or too large for our experienced and friendly team.


We at USP&E are committed to integrity and ethical conduct. We promote an environment that nurtures, promotes, and supports the principles of empowerment and responsibility. Paramount to our commitment is continued validation and support of the highest ethical standards of fairness and confidentiality. We respect differences and embrace diversity. We are committed to equitable treatment and mutual respect for all of our employees and clients.


USP&E is dedicated to providing quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed the needs and requirements of our clients. It is the responsibility of USP&E and each of its employees to maintain consistent professional communications and relationships with our clients and to maintain our commitment to the highest standards of service, business practice, and safety.


Our emphasis on safety shows not only our commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but demonstrates our commitment to completing your project in a timely and efficient manner. USP&E pride ourselves in taking OSHA standards to the next level and require the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, customers and anyone who enters our area of operation.

We are dedicated to elevating the standard for safety in the construction industry. All subcontractors and vendors of USP&E are required to adhere to our innovative safety program as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations. Our program provides employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to increase safety, reduce risk, and improve loss control on every project.

General Liability Insurance

USP&E carries the minimum liability insurance.