Harnessing Energy For Life

USP&E Global - Harnessing Energy For Life

USP&E Global finds its success in creating a meaningful global impact. We strive to do so in our industrial energy projects and our various outreach and sponsored initiatives. It is imperative that as we deliver on our promises to our clients with Speed and Excellence that we make a meaningful impact in the communities that we operate in.  

At USP&E Global we have the privilege of being involved with supporting organizations and impacting the lives of people who live in communities connected to these organizations. USP&E Global supports missions, discipleship, arts, and culture along with the empowerment of communities. We are an energy company with the greater goal, to positively impact those around us and make a difference. Our journey does not only include energy projects and engineering but one of outreach. We are proud supporters of Impact AfricaJACWGRUV, and our own BEx Internship.

Impact Africa

Impact Africa aims to encourage, teach and disciple people towards a devoted relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets of ministry service, which impacts individuals deeply along with their communities. Impact Africa have their roots in Faith, Ingenuity, Vision, Compassion, Relationships, and Stewardship. Impact Africa has rescued 112 abandoned babies and ministered to over 500 000 individuals. They offer global internships varying in duration to all who are called to this ministry. Impact Africa extends its focus to educating and mentoring Africans with their education program, Impact kids, and Impact students. Impact Africa offers evangelism training in South Africa which equips individuals to fulfill their calling in missions. They conduct many mission trips to Africa and throughout Africa making an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Johannesburg Arts Conservatory

In addition to classical ballet and classical contemporary, the Johannesburg Arts Conservatory also offers conditioning classes. A la carte classes are available as well as full-time and partial enrolment programs. Dancers who attend JAC leave with greater strength, precision, confidence, and knowledge of what they can bring to the dance industry- and ultimately, about who they are.

WGRUV Dance Company

A dance company created by US, former contemporary dancer Holly Gruver. WGRUV is a contemporary ballet company created to build into the art climate in South Africa. WGRUV aims to communicate beauty, depth, and soul in a contemporary ballet company. All pieces performed and danced at WGRUV endeavor to communicate wholeness, depth, truth, and Meraki (a piece of the heart).

Beyond Entrepreneurship Internship

BEx is a 12-month internship program for aspiring entrepreneurs. Designed by USP&E, this program will train and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs. In addition to earning leadership and character training, internship participants will practice effective communication and public speaking, learn how to effectively meet both personal and collaborative goals, and develop a passion for workplace ministry.

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