HFO Generators

USP&E offers HFO Medium Speed power generation solution offers fuel efficient, cost effective power, ready when you need it, with reliable results.

Fast track power that’s scalable, efficient and reliable.

Whether it’s helping you bridge a gap, optimising costs or providing early power - we can ensure you meet your power needs by increasing capacity quickly.

USP&E offers mobile HFO power plants to remote regions globally for industrial and mission critical client application. We also offer fast-track bridge power HFO and Natural Gas and Renewable options with guaranteed deliveries in less than 90 days - which means you can get on with your business faster. 

USP&E offers grid synchronisation, at any required voltage, to bring stable power for any period while permanent infrastructure is being developed.

For our rental options, there is no up-front investment. no capex required – so you could replace ageing inefficient infrastructure that’s prone to breakdowns and high operating and maintenance costs – as well as benefit from significant fuel savings using HFO compared to other fossil fuels. 


Our HFO power generators are suitable for rugged, remote operating conditions, and our extensive service capabilities means we can get what you need to wherever you need it.

“With over 15 years of operations expertise on HFO, Fuel Flexibility is our specialty at USP&E. Our clients save hundreds of millions of dollars per year by using HFO in their power stations. USP&E offers scrubbers and SCRs, emulsification and fuel cleaning solutions, as well as a host of PV and renewable solutions. Whether grid power is available or not, it’s the ideal cost effective option to meet your power needs quickly.”