Hybrid Power Stations - by USP&E

USP&E offers industrial and IPP clients both new and used hybrid power stations made up of engines and gas turbines, combined with solar, wind and energy storage.

Since 2002, US Power and Environment has been on the forefront of hybrid thermal and renewable solutions in order to drive down total cost of ownership through the integration of advancements in solar and wind technologies and efficiencies gained through hybridisation.

Hybrid power stations designed, built, commissioned and operated by USP&E are guaranteed to be backed by bank guarantees that ensure energy availability, reliability and output. While combining renewable solar and wind technologies into our designs, USP&E also integrates energy storage.

Our hybrid power packages are easy to ship and install, as they are designed to benefit any industry with the power required in any location with limited or no access to permanent power.

We specialize in serving;  Industrial mining, mineral processing, crypto mining, islands/ remote communities, renewable energy, data centres, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Get the best of both renewable and thermal with hybridisation!

USP&E's clients often have been running their diesel, natural gas and HFO Generators for years without any meaningful renewable component. Especially in the mining industry where often the only choice to ensure reliability and business continuity has been a pure play thermal platform.

With the rise of affordable, efficient, long-lasting renewable technologies, this has changed. Once solar or wind plants are installed, generation costs for power nearly disappear – as does the facility's carbon footprint! But unlike thermal generation, wind and photovoltaic (PV) are variable power sources. Therefore, the growth of renewables may lead to increased grid instability and operational uncertainty, especially on isolated networks.

Battery storage is the other aspect of our offering and key for a stable and reliable power supply. It strengthens the site micro grid by cushioning the impact of variable power demand and supply. At the same time, the asset life of each component is increased while operations and maintenance (O&M) costs due to engine wear and tear is decreased. Scalable green hybrid base load energy - through USP&E's rapid bridge power division

Intergrated hybrid packages available

To optimise the installation schedule of each hybrid power station, we have created an energy package that smartly combine solar, diesel / HFO and energy storage – all smoothly integrated and efficiently managed by our sophisticated software -SMARTPOWER. Client's benefit from reliable renewable thermal power 365/24/7 on their mission critical facilities - regardless of the environmental conditions.