Modular Power Substations


Containerized, mobile, modulare Diesel, HFO and Natural Gas power plants BY USP&E

USP&E offers a robust fleet of ready-to-ship modular and containerized HFO, Diesel and Natural Gas generator sets complete with switchgear and on-board fuel tanks - ready to ship immediately.

Our mobile USP&E POWERBOX platforms are configured into standard-sized containers so they can be transported using standard shipping methods, which saves time and money.

A single 1-2 MW generator is the basic building block each power plant solution we offer. We supply these plants complete with layout drawings, cabling and auxiliary equipment as required. The USP&E POWERBOX comes complete with plug and play ancillaries for both fuel supply and electrical connection.

The modular advantage of POWERBOX means they can be scaled to your individual needs and varying levels of power demand, including providing plant redundancy in their 2 MW blocks.

Our containerized arrangement gives the flexibility to create power plants of multi-megawatt capacities starting from 4 MW in size up to over 200MW.

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