Sales, Marketing & Business Development

  • Shaun Savage

    Head of Business Development

    Shaun is a diligent business development manager with over 20 years’ experience within the energy industry, electronic security and IT. He excels in Sales, Business Development, Operations and Strategic Project Planning. Shaun has an indepth knowledge of business development and sales, both in Business to Business(B2B) and Client sales.
  • Jennifer Moodley

    Inventory & Constant Contact

    Jennifer is our inventory and Constant Contact specialist with over 5 years of experience in managing inventory systems and executing email marketing campaigns.

    She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for organizing and optimizing inventory systems to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

    She understands the importance of crafting engaging and relevant content that resonates with a target audience and drives results.

    Jennifer is a strategic thinker who is always looking for ways to improve processes and drive growth. 

  • Thobani Madlala

    Acting Marketing Manager

    As a key member of USP&E's digital marketing team, Thobani focuses on project video production, graphic design, and telling the USP&E story. With experience in animation and video editing Thobani is an essential part of our advertising and marketing team. While being new to the industry, Thobani is extremely talented, and we are proud to have him as a member of USP&E.

  • Retang Letswalo

    Sales Associate

    Retang is our Sales Associate with a passion for connecting with people and helping them find solutions to their problems. Being a graduate from our BEx internship program, Retang has honed his skills in customer service, relationship building, and sales strategy.

    Retang is a quick learner and thrives in fast-paced environments. he is known for his positive attitude, willingness to go the extra mile for their clients, and ability to work collaboratively with his team members. He has a keen eye for detail and takes pride in providing accurate information to his clients.

    As a Sales Associate, Retang is excited to continue to develop his skills and grow within the company.