SCADA Upgrades

Taking your energy assets into the future with smartpower

USP&E offers our clients software design, engineering, installation, upgrades and operations of advanced SCADA, PLC and HMI systems. 

USP&E Scada/HMI/PLC engineers will meet with you about your project and design a solution much more reasonable and appropriate (and user friendly) than the current offering being proposed by your OEM or others. We will often recommend either Wonderware, Sci-Tech or Schneider Electric, and sometimes other vendors, depending upon the a number of factors and the desired scope of supply. USP&E would work closely with each client in order to select, design, program and integrate the new unified SCADA platform for your power station facility. 

Email or whatsapp us today in order to set up a zoom call to discuss your upcoming project and how USP&E can assist with all of your control logic, software configuration, and control room operations needs.