Strategy & Management Team

    Mariana Herbst

    Administrative & Personal Assistant

    With over 37 years of experience in Payroll and Administration, Mariana brings a professional attitude, in which she applies to her everyday work environment. She tackles each individual task given to her with a positive energy and a new perspective. Mariana, is determined in performing each given challenge to the best of her ability and strives to achieve the highest possible standards in everything she puts her mind to. At USP&E, Mariana assists the MD of EMEA with admin and HR operations and can be viewed as an essential member of the USP&E team.

  • John Bryant

    Exco Advisor & Support

    John leads our O&M and project execution teams. With over 40 years of experience leading the O&M divisions of some of the largest and most well-regarded construction firms in the world. An expert on civil engineering, power station design, and project management, John is a team player that is truly client-centered. John is a tremendous asset to USP&E’s Global operations and maintenance management group.