USP&E Investments Team

  • Anell Vermaak

    Office Manager

    With over 20 years of office management, project, and sales experience, Anell has brought a high level of professionalism and work ethic to USP&E Investments. She is an independent, loyal, hardworking individual who enjoys working on her own as well as part of a team. She is detail orientated and enjoys a multi-faceted working environment, As the Office Manager for USP&E Investments, she manages the day to day running of the office including project admin management, procurement, inventory, finance recons, accounts receivable, and potential business. .
  • Reece Kruger

    Office Assistant

    Reece has been working closely with suppliers and customers during her time spent in the admin and service industry, prior to joining USP&E Investments. Using what she has learnt from these industries, she is able to adapt and apply her knowledge in and out of the workplace. Reece believes in working hard and pushing for excellence to ensure she provides the best quality service possible. She is highly motivated by challenges and problem solving.
  • David Williams

    Construction Manager

    David grew up in a family which has been in the construction industry for almost 50 years. He ventured into the Law Profession and has over 18 years’ experience in various avenues of law. David uses his legal background to the benefit of USP&E Investments and its clients. He’s a dynamic hands-on team leader that always strives for maximum performance potential of each team member, to achieve our goal and objectives of extreme ownership and speed with excellence.
  • Ryan Christie

    Warehouse Manager

    Ryan has 12 years’ experience in custom and prestige wood working for Lodges and commercial retail stores. He is currently thriving on the newer technical aspects to the industry, and is now running USP&E Investments factory warehouse production lines for mass production and exclusive custom ranges. Ryan and his team are the epitome of our two fold promise here at USP&E, harnessing energy for life with dedication and the perfect touch for our speed with excellence.